What are Mixed Martial Arts?

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What are Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of various fighting styles. It is a full-contact sport allowing striking, kickboxing and wrestling, whether standing or off the feet on the ground. The competition is practised by both genders but separated into two leagues.

It was in the 1990s that the MMA was formed to regulate rules and regulations. The MMA mushroomed all over the world, and it is estimated that there are about 450 000 followers. Clubs and gyms popped up wherever students wanted to participate. Promotions staged events which attracted adults and children alike.

Two federations were established independently of each other, but along similar lines, both with the vision of setting rules and regulations to level the playing field. These were the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and the World Mixed Martial Arts Association. In 2012 the two bodies amalgamated to form the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

To promote the MMA, the IMMAF made it a policy to support and encourage all clubs that were teaching MMAs for the benefit of all participants and ensuring and enforce the rules and regulations. It is also the aim of the IMMAF to have the sport recognised and included by the IOC (the Olympic Games) to the four-yearly Games. There are, however, reasons why the IOC has not accepted the MMAs credentials, and this should soon be resolved.

Numerous MMA federations around the world are affiliated to the IMMAF but represent different countries. These include the USA, Australia, China, France and others such as South Africa and Cypress.

Physical Injuries

Although MMA fighters sustain many injuries, mainly cuts and bruises, which seem more spectacular due to the number of bloody wounds, it is boxing which is the most dangerous and the practitioners sustain more significant injuries. These can include head trauma and concussions, broken bones, facial and eye damage. Boxing rules have changed for the Olympics, i.e. headgear for fighters. Will MMA fighters have similar regulations forced on them by the IOC? Will the MMAF accept these changes if required by the IOC? Can anyone imagine the soldiers wearing headgear, gloves and maybe soft boots?

The Olympics

Until now, the IOC has denied the MMAF’s applications to participate in the Olympic Games. When the Olympic games were started in Greece in 776 BC, most of the participating sports were war orientated, such as javelin and discus, wrestling, boxing, running etc. So, most of the allowable games were similar to those being contested at the Olympics of today. In fact, in 688BC a combined sport, pankration, was formulated to include those contact sports – just like the MMA of today. Has the IOC lost sight of where it is going and where it came from? Pankration also had its own set of rules. No eye-gouging, no biting, no testicle grabbing and no fingers up to the nose!
The Olympic Games is to showcase man’s desire to compete and to pit his strength against his opponent.