UFCs Fight Island Requires Coronavirus Testing

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UFCs Fight Island Requires Coronavirus Testing

After months of Dana White being vicious & horrific towards anyone that mentioned COVID-19 affecting UFC operations, the President has begun changing his heart towards this pandemic. CEO & President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White announced that new health measures are being implemented for the “UFCs Fight Island”. Slated to premiere in July 2020, this venue will be held in Abu Dhabi & now require that all competitors receive tests for COVID-19 before travelling for their planned match. Dana White is implementing this measure in hopes of avoiding an outbreak of the virus.

UFC Supporters & MMA Analysts weren’t surprised by the announcement made by Dana White. Identical measures were implemented in Las Vegas, which came after the UFC received public criticism for lack of health measures during the Florida matches in Late May & Early June. That would change upon their arrival in Las Vegas, which is the same period where Dana White began altering his mindset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UFC President understands that this pandemic won’t end until vaccines are released worldwide. It took months for Dana White to reach this clarification, forcing delayed saving on a potential secondary lockdown on international sports. It’s known that President White has begun saving additional reserve funds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, enabling them to sustain any additional postponement periods. No other sports association worldwide has implemented similar measures, with them being unconcerned about their safety for resumed play.

American & International Competitors

UFC Fighters based outside the United States of America will receive COVID-19 testing in their local state or province. American fighters aren’t receiving the same convenience, with Dana White informing them they’ll be flown to Las Vegas for testing. After tests are confirmed negative, American competitors will be flown to Abu Dhabi. It should be mentioned that 26 Fighters from the United States are slated to compete at Fight Island. Those competitions will take place on July 15th, 18th, and 25th.

It should be mentioned that Brazilian Fighters with the UFC are receiving similar treatment to American competitors. UFC Opponents from Brazil are being sent to Sao Paolo for testing & confirmation, where they’ll then embark to Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.