UFCs ESPN+ 28 Cancels Mass Gathering

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UFCs ESPN+ 28 Cancels Mass Gathering

Brasilia saw their first Ultimate Fighters Championship event cancelled for spectators following the coronavirus. It’ll be a “Behind-Closed-Doors Event” moving forward, with it still be broadcasted on March 14th through ESPN+. Titled the ESPN+ 28 UFC Event, it’ll be held at the Nielson Nelson Gymnasium in Brazil’s capital. Thousands would’ve gathered to watch their favourite fights compete, but the Brasilia Governor determined that a “Large Gathering Ban” should be declared throughout the city. This decision was made after a confirmed coronavirus outbreak within Brasilia.

The implemented ban has prompted the immediate cancellation of Concerts, Sporting Events, School and Religious Services. Gatherings must be limited to a maximum of one-hundred Brazilians. This means that ESPN+ 28 can allow for roughly eighty VIPS to watch this fight live, with the remaining 16 thousand seats remaining empty. Supporters that purchased tickets will be provided refunds through electronic ticket sellers. Returns won’t be supported in-person, with ticket booths being shut down for the foreseeable future.

The Ultimate Fighting Competition didn’t provide any insight to reporters regarding the fate of this venue, with detailed information having the come from other outlets. This follows after Dana White has publicly expressed his disbelief towards the coronavirus and its rate of spreading. It’s not surprising that Dana White wouldn’t believe scientific records, with this man being a substantial supporter and friend of Donald Trump. Sporting associations have mentioned their disappointment towards the minimal sanitation efforts and closures being enforced by the UFC.

Insiders close with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Brasilia privately noted to news outlets that Dana White was furious with the announcement that mass gatherings would be cancelled in the capital. Considering that the UFC President cannot outweigh the government’s decision, he was forced to abide by these conditions and provide refunds to consumers. Dana White lost millions in the process.

Additional Cancellations

There have been multiple cancellations for the Ultimate Fighters Championship within Brasilia. The Ceremonial Weigh-In before any title fight was terminated, which extended to the Media Day. Obligations with these fighters require that they compete regardless of global conditions. Sporting analysts suspect that UFC Fighters will begin ignoring contract obligations and remain home in self-isolation. Dana White could be forced in the coming weeks to terminate the UFC until the coronavirus is solved. How he’ll react will be an exciting discussion.