UFC Fighter Charged with Sexual Assault

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UFC Fighter Charged with Sexual Assault

Abdul Razak Alhassan can consider his career with the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship over. This follows after two women claimed that this man committed sexual assault on them throughout September 24th in 2018. These two women recently testified in the Tarrant County Court, claiming that after two years of mental regression, they’d like to see this man spend the rest of his life in prison. Abdul Razak Alhassan faced two counts of sexual assault, with a jury determining that this fighter isn’t guilty of these claims. That doesn’t mean that Abdul will be allowed to return to the UFC, with his name forever being tarnished in the fighting community.

The story provided from these two women revealed that Abdul had been allowed to enter their home in Fort Worth. They first met at the Varsity Tavern, where the former UFC Fighter worked as a bouncer. When these two teenage women wanted to enter the club at the age of twenty, Abdul requested a favour in return. These women both willing provided him with their numbers, which enabled them to enter the bar illegally. What made this even worse was that these women were celebrating the birthday of Police Officer Joshua Yates. He’d occasionally work security at the Varsity Tavern alongside Abdul. Both men would become intoxicated and would be seen kissing an older woman in the hallway. Eventually, Abdul Razak Alhassan would enter a broom closet with both these young woman, before personally being invited back to their home.

The Story

Abdul Razak Alhassan would then be asked to assist these woman into their vehicle with Joshua Yates, where the now terminated police officer refused to comment. Both women became intoxicated to the point of passing out, where these men would drive them home. After both women had been awoken once arriving back, they requested both men come upstairs and spend the night. Joshua Yates refused with Abdul Razak Alhassan agreeing. The woman’s mother allowed the girls and Abdul to enter this residence, which prompted the jury to be concerned that this was a regular occurrence for the young woman.

These women claimed throughout their testimonies that they weren’t aware that Abdul Razak Alhassan was located in her home, that was until she was shoved to the bed and sexually assaulted. When the mother was put on trial, the older woman confessed that the bedroom door remained open and that she frequently had checked on her daughters. Throughout this period, no sexual assault or altercations were held in the household. It prompted the judge and jury to believe these girls were purposely trying to destroy Alhassan’s life for unknown reasons. Alhassan won’t face any prison time moving forward.