UFC 246 Doctor Receiving Backlash

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UFC 246 Doctor Receiving Backlash

It’s been two weeks since the fast-paced actions of UFC 246 unfolded in Las Vegas. However, there are still concerns relating to certain fights that took place. This applies to the Maycee Barber and Roxanne Modafferi matchup, which saw Barber take a significant injury to her right knee. It allowed her opponent to thrive after doctors displayed her problems in the Octagon. Maycee Barber believes that her defence capabilities would’ve been better if it weren’t for this doctor. Bookies were anticipating for Barber to win his matchup against Roxanne Modafferi. This is why Maycee Barber is demanding a rematch anywhere at any time. It’ll take upwards of twelve to fifteen months for this fight to become a reality, with Maycee Barber facing substantial recovery time.

This young woman spoke with reporters after her father had been hacked via Twitter. Respective comments relating to Maycee Barber were made, leading everyone to know that this was a genuine hacked account. Bucky Barber was disgusted by the actions taken against upset fans, with thousands losing their significant to small scale wagers on Maycee Barber. She expressed that all efforts were made to disguise the injury to doctors. Unfortunately, video evidence noticed by Joe Rogan showed that Maycee had her knee split backwards.

Doctors were immediately brought in following the 1-Minute Break Period. This doctor made it evident that she was dealing with a significant injury, making it harder for Barber to concentrate the next round. Concentration was the main factor that resulted in Maycee failing in this fight, with Roxanne Modafferi purposely avoiding her opponents right-knee. It was one of those few moments where two female fighters showed genuine sportsmanship. This unnamed doctor has received substantial backlash for his actions, with Dana White confirming that his individual won’t be allowed back to the Octagon.

Roxanne Modafferi

There’s another side to this story, with Roxanne Modafferi being praised for her actions in the Octagon. Roxanne could’ve easily attacked the right-knee of Maycee Barber, which would’ve allowed her to win the 3rd round. Roxanne approached groundwork against Maycee Barber, which would’ve allowed the right-knee to take less damage. All actions displayed by Modafferi showed mutual respect. Roxanne even assisted Barber to her feet after the bout.