UFC 242 – Major Fight Night in Lightweight

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UFC 242 – Major Fight Night in Lightweight

If you’re already looking for some of the best betting opportunities with the UFC, the best place to get started is the UFC Fight Night events. These happen once a month and usually feature the most significant upcoming events we’ve all been waiting for.

At UFC 242, we see some of the most significant fighting action come to life as the lightweight division once again sees Khabib step into the octagon after being suspended for nine months and sitting out for another three.

Some might recall that Khabib won the title against Conor McGregor back in October of 2018 but got suspended right after. His claim was given up for grabs until he returns, which resulted in a grand fighting opportunity for those seeking a title fight. It ended up with Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier, which was offered to many other UFC lightweight fighters, including Tony Ferguson. Dustin managed to emerge as the winner, making him the current interim title holder.

UFC 242 Fight Night Events

UFC 242 takes place on the 8th of September 2019. It would include four fights, of which three are lightweight.

The first and most significant fight of the night would involve the lightweight title. As mentioned above, the current interim holder in Dustin Poirier who needs to face Khabib Nurmagomedov. This would determine who gets to hold onto the title for good and be crowned as the ultimate lightweight fighting champion.

Khabib currently has a 27-0-0 record, which makes him one of the most amazing fighters we’ve seen in the whole of UFC. It also makes it reasonable that those odds are firmly against Dustin, but Dustin has been training hard and seems ready for the fight. He does have a more extended reach than Khabib, but his record of 25-5-0 doesn’t make him quite as impressive. With that said, Khabib has been out of the octagon for 12 months now; things could’ve changed.

The Co-main event at UFC 242 features a heavyweight fight between Shamil Abdurakhmov and Curtis Blaydes. This would once again be a massive fight as these two well matched. Sure, Shamil is a bit older at 37, but he has a better record with 20-4-0. On the other hand, Curtis is only 28, a bit taller and has an additional 10cm reach, which counts a lot for those punches. He also has just under 14kg more than Shamil, but his record of 11-2-0 doesn’t quite match up. However, he is still a rather new and young fighter with a lot to prove, which might count in his favour for the fight.

The third fight would involve Islam Makhachev and Davi Ramos. Islam has the upper hand for the battle with a record of 17-1-0 compared to Davi’s 10-2-0. Islam is also younger and has a bit longer reach. The last fight involves Mairbek Taisum with a history of 27-5-0 against Carlos Diego Ferreira with a 15-2-0. Both these fighters are in their early 30s with the same weight and only 2.6cm in reach difference.