Tyron Woodley Stands for BLM Movement

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Tyron Woodley Stands for BLM Movement

The Welterweight Division in the UFC, saw one of its former champions stand behind the Black Lives Matter Movement on September 17th. Tyron Woodley participated in the “UFC Vegas Eleven” press conference, discussing questions regarding his match-up with Colby Covington. The two men have been long-time rivals, with their upcoming bout being highly anticipated by UFC supporters.

When attending the virtual press conference for “UFC Vegas Eleven”, Tyron Woodley wore a T-Shirt that read “Black Lives Matter”. Woodley also wore snapback hate that stated, “Make Racists Catch the Shade Again”. His political statements being in direct reference to Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign Slogan. What happened next wasn’t considered appropriate by the press, or UFC President Dana White.

Tyron Woodley refused to answer questions with legitimacy, retorting with Black Lives Matter in all responses. One reporter asked the Ex-Champion how he feels to compete against Colby Covington, where Tyron Woodley would evoke his excitement behind Black lives Matter. His statements didn’t make logistical sense, and information regarding how he’ll compete against Covington wasn’t provided. This isn’t professional behaviour in the UFC and could see President Dana White removed Tyron Woodley from future press conferences.

The Beginning of BLM

African Americans began supporting the “Black Lives Matter Movement” several years ago in 2013. It was a response to George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, resulting in the Black Mans life being lost. Multiple conditions surrounded that case & the numerous others that’ve come since 2013. For instance, Breanna Taylor’s Boyfriend was a drug dealer & Trayvon Martin was entering his home through the window. Unexpected scenarios prompt unexpected outcomes, which the BLM Movement doesn’t account.

The Black Lives Matter Movement came back to prominence when Minneapolis Law Enforcement murdered George Floyd. It’d be revealed that the police officer that took Floyd’s life had a former connection with the assailant. All three officers were arrested and placed into protective custody. It’s suspected their in-witness protection. It should be noted that the BLM Movement hasn’t lost traction for months, with multiple riots & protests unfolding throughout America. It’s prompted a notable increase of White Supremacy & Black Supremacy.