Top Fighters in MMA Lightweight

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Top Fighters in MMA Lightweight

The lightweight division of MMA is one of the most action-packed of them all. Not only for brilliant fights but drama outside the octagon as well. We all know some of the stories involving Conor McGregor and some of the other fighters. However, with this list, we purely look at who are the best in the division.

The list is an excellent start for beginners to get familiar with some of the most prominent fighters and the ones worth watching.

Khabib Nurmagovmedov

Khabib is currently rated as the top MMA lightweight fighter. The Russian professional martial arts fighter remains undefeated, even after 27 fights in his professional career. Winning the Combat Sambo Championship twice and also claiming the lightweight title from Conor McGregor in 2018 makes him stand out among the rest.

Khabib was born in 1988 and specializes in various combat sports, including martial arts, judo, freestyle wrestling, sambo and kickboxing. In 2018, Khabib left the UFC for 12 months due to a suspension and will only return in September of 2019. His lightweight championship belt currently belongs to Dustin Poirier who won a fight against Max Holloway to claim the interim title while Khabib is suspended. Thus, Khabib would need to face Dustin in his first fight back in the UFC, determining who the real lightweight champion is.

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is a favourite for many lightweight MMA followers. The 35-year-old became a professional fighter in 2008 and managed to make his way through the ranks rather quickly. He has won the ultimate fighter 13 and has tired of taking part in UFC title fights multiple times. However, there’s always something in the way that stops the fight from happening. In 2019, Tony took time off from fighting to deal with personal problems and has now returned with a mission to get himself the title fight he deserves. Tony managed an impressive career with 25 wins and only three losses.

At UFC 238 on the 9th of June, Tony finally managed to claim his spot in an upcoming title fight taking place once Khabib and Dustin determine who the titleholder is. The UFC set up an even with Tony vs. Donald Cerrone, which Tony managed to win. Thus, he will be the first to take part in the next title fight.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is by far the most well-known name in the world of UFC lightweight. The fighter has taken part in significant fighting events, and commonly appears on the news even when outside the octagon. He has one of the most impressive fighting records with a total of 25 MMA fights, of which he managed to win 21. An impressive 18 of those wins was by knockout, one by submission and two by decision.

As with Khabib, Conor was also suspended in October 2018, leaving him out the sport for at least six months. Up to now, Conor has not competed in MMA in 2019 and has resigned. However, the same has happened in the past, and we expect to see him return towards the end of 2019.