Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

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Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone – Predictions

It’s finally been announced that Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone will be stepping into the octagon for one of the most desired matches in the lightweight division. It’s quite a big match for Tony who has been out of the fighting scene for a while as he has been attending to some personal matters. However, he is cleared by medics and ready to fight; we see him only want fights that could lead him to the title. This is one of the few battles that are sure to determine who gets the chance to fight against the titleholder, making it a massive even for both Tony and Donald.

Tony has the most on the line as the champion has never really taken part in a title fight. There’s always something standing in his way, including injuries and many other circumstances such as the mental health problems he recently had. How at 35, he can’t afford to lose if he wants to grab a shot at the title. At the same time, he cannot provide any injuries or anything that might limit him from jumping into the next fight. If he does lose, it would be a rather tough road to get back into the same position.

Even Donald Cerrone needs to keep up the winning streak he’s had since becoming a dad. The 36-year-old has been doing great in UFC and is hungry for the title. So far, he has managed to improve his track record up to now, winning three of three fights and getting ready to take the fourth as well. As with Tony, he cannot afford to lose the battle as it might also be the only shot he has at grabbing the title fight and finally getting his hands on the belt.

How they Compare

When we look at the fighting history of both these fighters, we see they are a perfect match. Tony managed to impress with the last fight against Anthony Pettis, increasing the strikes per minutes to an incredible 5.51. Cerrone isn’t far behind with a 4.28, which has only recently increased with his new drive to reach the top.

With these stats, we expect to see an action-packed fight between these two fighters, and it would strongly depend on how they react to each other. For example, if Tony manages to grab hold of the pace, it would be quite an easy fight for him, but if Cerrone goes all in and does allow Tony to take his time, he might go the other way.

Tony has excellent patience and strikes at just the right time, and even the betting sites are putting him as the favourite with odds of -185. Donald Cerrone includes odds of +160 with some bookies. It would all depend on the training as Tony would need to recover from the time he took off, which is just one of the many factors that lead us to believe this is going to be a great fight!