Tony Ferguson to take on Donald Cerrone

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Tony Ferguson to take on Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone seems to become a popular choice among the lightweight division of MMA. Not only are there many fighters interested in taking him on, but he has now been chosen to take on Tony Ferguson.

Tony Ferguson has been out of MMA for a while as he had some personal issues to take care of. However, he is now clear to fight and ready to continue his path to the title fight he has wanted for so long. Since his return a few weeks ago, he has been interested in nothing but championship opportunities, but as with many other fighters, he would need to fight his way there.

Not only do we see Conor McGregor wants to fight, but we also have other significant names such as Donald Cerrone. With just these three fighters, we can already see some amazing fights to come shortly.

Dana White and the UFC team gets things started with a fight between Donald Cerrone and Tony Ferguson. This is a way for tony to get his hands dirty in the octagon again and the first fight to get him in action and on the way to the title fight.

What About McGregor?

As we all know, Conor McGregor is just as interested in the title fight, but he was told he isn’t worthy of fighting Khabib at the moment. Khabib’s manager suggested he fight Tony Ferguson or even Donald Cerrone to see if he has what it takes.

It seems like McGregor would have to wait longer than he thought, especially since both Cerrone and Ferguson aren’t available to take him on. He might fight McGregor and take on other significant names in MMA, including Max Holloway, but as we all know, McGregor wants the big fights.

How Things Might Happen

Now that we see some of the fights being set up, we can finally get an idea of how things will happen to get to the title fight. First, we will see Donald and Tony take each other on. The result of that fight could reveal the fighter who would have the first shot at fighting against the title holder. However, the UFC could create a whole big thing with this title fight but creating an additional event between McGregor and another impressive title fighter. Then we could see the winners from those two fights go head to head, which would then reveal who gets the title shot.

In addition to those fights, we also need to wait and see how wins between the current title holder Khabib and the interim holder Dustin Poirier. Once when we have the result of that fight will know who the interested title fighters would be going up against, which means we’re in for an action-packed second half of the 2019 MMA season.