The Strongest Warriors

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The Strongest Warriors

Spartacus, born in Thrace, fought for the Romans. When Rome started the war against the Germans, Spartacus decided that this was not his battle, so he deserted. The Romans did not take kindly to this, and after they caught up with him, he was sold into slavery. His ability to fight found his training to be a gladiator. His weapon of choice was a shield and a straight sword of 450mm in length. Spartacus still wanted his freedom, so he orchestrated to revolt against Roman authority with a group of the best gladiators. He was also a strategist, and he and his army stampeded through Italy, killing dozens of Roman soldiers. They then went on to free their wives. In 71BC, he was dead, and his army of 6600 was captured and crucified.

Genghis Khan

Born to a nomadic semi-tribe Temujin (his birth name) found himself fatherless in his early teens. His family were abandoned by the tribe when his father died, and he and his four brothers, one older and three younger, scavenged to survive. When Temujin killed his older brother, he became the man of the gurt.

He slowly built up his tribe by joining other roaming sub-tribes and eventually became a leader of by uniting all the tribes of Mongolia – with him as the leader. He and his warriors became an efficient killing machine, thanks mainly to their ability with the bow and arrow and with their horse-riding skills. Genghis was amongst the best. His talents with the bow inspired his men. Firing off arrows so fast that there were more than one in the air at a time, their success was the ability to shoot off an arrow as their mounts were mid-stride, giving them a stable platform for a split second, long enough to release the arrows.

Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto became a master of the katana, and he fought his first sword fight at the age of 13. As a Ronin (a wandering samurai without a master) he roamed Japan challenging all who would oppose him. His technique with the katana, which is a two-edged sword, was unmatched. His most memorable fight was against samurai Samaki Kojiro when Miyamoto delayed his appearance for about two hours, causing his opponent to become incredibly angry and flustered. Masashi faced him with a wooden sword carved from an oar while he kept him waiting and killed him with a blow to the head. He is believed to have died from thoracic cancer at the age of 60.