The Return of Mike Tyson

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The Return of Mike Tyson

He was once considered one of the most potent and influential boxers in history, with this man now returning to the ring for charity. That individual is Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He’s continuously caused social media to explode with every video entry on his Instagram. It shows a man who’s more than 53 obtaining a young-mans physique, with speed and prowess that hasn’t been demonstrated by Tyson for decades.

When Mike Tyson announced that he’d return to the boxing ring for charity, it didn’t take long for professional leagues to provide him with an official contract. The Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship announced that they’d contract Mike Tyson for $20 million, with this contract sustaining a single fight. Tysons remittance into professional boxing has also prompted additional ageing competitors to consider a revival. This includes Evander Holyfield, who believes a fight with Tyson is possible.

Dana White Reacts

Everyone isn’t excited at the concept of Mike Tyson returning. Competing in professional boxing at 53 is risky and challenging, with potential injuries causing lifelong damage. One individual requesting that Mike Tyson not return to professional boxing is Dana White. He noted that the physique of this former champion is incredible, that his skillsets are explosive, and that Tyson remains powerful. Dana White is even considering the possibility of hosting this fight is Mike Tyson refuses to stop. That way the UFC President could stop the fight if the former boxing champion were outmatched.

It says something with the most notable fighting league’s President requests a competitor not return. However, there are multiple promotors interested in the concept of catering to Mike Tyson. Dana White will find himself outmatched in trying to have this fight under his terms.

Tyson’s Thoughts

The former heavyweight boxing champion revealed that he feels unstoppable, that anything is possible and that the gods of war have reawakened inside him. Tyson remarked these statements when being interviewed by T.I. Via Instagram Live. Mike would note that he’ll continue to get in shape and prepare for the next fight. Tyson also clarified that a maximum of three rounds could be sustained at his age. This is a clear indicator that the former champion is concerned about his stamina.