Rafael Dos Anjos Contracts COVID-19

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Rafael Dos Anjos Contracts COVID-19

UFC 254 is being altered in it’s scheduling for the 2nd time. It’s been announced by the Ultimate Fighting Champion that Rafael Dos Anjos has contracted COVID-19 & cannot compete at the upcoming Pay-Per-View because of health concerns. It’s a notable disappointment for Rafael, who was slated to compete against Islam Makhachev on the October 24th PPV. It would’ve marked his strongest opponent yet, with Dos Anjos having to content against a future Russian-champion.

Makhachev has dominated over his six last opponents, and bookmakers were expecting no different with Dos Anjos. Defeating Islam Makhachev would’ve cemented Rafael Dos Anjos as a serious contender in the UFC. His exit from UFC 254 means that Dana White is seeking a replacement fight, with multiple names being suggested. It’s been rumoured that Islam Makhachev could have a rematch against Adriano Martins, the exclusive fighter to have knocked out the Russian.

The Twitter Revelation

Rafael Dos Anjos didn’t hesitate to reflect over his COVID-19 infection through Twitter. He took to thousands of follows and clarified what’s happening going forward with his case of coronavirus. Dos Anjos first mentioned that life is confusion & that things we don’t understand today, can become revealed years into the future. He’d reflect that by leaving the United States of America & travelling towards Brazil, the risk was associated with contracting coronavirus. Both these nations have the highest infection numbers for COVID-19. However, Rafael Dos Anjos didn’t regret his decision & reflected that time spent in Rio De Janeiro was unforgettable.

The Brazilian UFC fighter would then mention that healthcare professionals are guiding him towards defeating this virus and that his coaches have been resilient turning this period. He’d promise to supporters that regardless of what happens going forward, he’ll continue to preserve in the determination of acquiring his championship goals. He pledged that shortly he’d be victorious in the Octagon.

However, eliminations in the UFC Roster have been consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic & CEO Dana White hasn’t hesitated towards cancelling contracts when coronavirus measures aren’t followed. Fighters aren’t supposed to travel after the Khabib Nurmagomedov incident, meaning that Rafael Dos Anjos broke the rules. His punishment is unknown for now but inevitably coming.