Khabib Taking on Tony Ferguson

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Khabib Taking on Tony Ferguson

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has received a confirmation on one of the most desired fights in recent history. It was announced that the UFC would hold a Pay-Per-View event in Brooklyn, New York on April 18th. This PPV will see Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson battle it out for championship victory. The confirmation of the fight was forced onto Dana White when multiple sources close to the UFC informed ESPN that the fight is currently in development. Afterwards, an initial report was made on Monday, November 26th, by the UFC on ESPN.

During this Press Conference, Dana White confirmed that these two prized fighters would take to the ring in April. However, he noted that negotiations for payment are still ongoing. Though this means that both athletes haven’t officially agreed to the fight, Dana White has forced them into a decision by making it a public announcement. It’s expected that a live televised event will be played out next week, where both fighters will sign bout agreements. It should be noted that these fighters have been scheduled to battle on four occasions, with injuries and ruined weights forcing those battles to be reprehended. It appears that this time around, both prized MMA fighters are in prime condition for the fight.

The Past of Nurmagomedov Vs Ferguson

Khabib Nurmagomedov is considered to be the best fighter in the UFC. He has been undefeated throughout his entire career and holds the lightweight title. Khabib is one of the few to submit Dustin Poirier and Connor McGregor, showing that he is unlike any other fighter in the league. Nurmagomedov hasn’t lost a fight since arriving in the Ultimate Fighting Competition, but his hardest fight has yet to come. Tony Ferguson hasn’t lost for twelve matches in a row and is considered to be the next lightweight titleholder. If he defeats Khabib on April 18th, then Tony Ferguson would become the new champion of the UFC.

The last two fights that Tony Ferguson had was against Donald Cerone and Anthony Pettis, where he defeated both fighters in a brutalized fashion. He beat both with total knockouts, allowing for his spot at number one contender against Khabib to be cemented. There isn’t any question; the Nurmagomedov Vs Ferguson bout will be one of the most significant battles for the 2020 UFC Season. It will settle a fight that fans have debated for years now.

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UFC Returning to New Zealand

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UFC Returning to New Zealand

The Ultimate Fighter Competition is returning to New Zealand in 2020. The UFC made their official confirmation with the New Zealand Herald that an event would take place in Auckland on February 23rd, 2020. This will be the second time that the fighting competition has arrived in New Zealand, with the first event taking place back in 2017. Fans of the UFC can attend the Auckland Spark Arena in four months to witness multiple matches. Unfortunately, the UFC hasn’t confirmed who the title fighters will be for this event or how much tickets will cost. It’s anticipated that more information on the Auckland Spark Arena UFC Fight will be released on December 1st.

The last time UFC was at New Zealand, more than eight thousand individuals went to the Auckland Spark Arena to witness Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt battle it out. Fans can expect this 2020 event to be centred around New Zealand and Australian Fighters, which is similar to the 2017 Fight Night. Since the confirmation, fans in New Zealand have requested that Kiwi Fighters be represented. These are the indigenous fighters for NZ and would highlight the nation’s history. Potential Kiwi Fighters include Kai Kara France and Brandon Moreno.

Fans are also debating if any titleholder like Israel Adesanya, the Middleweight Champion for the UFC, will arrive at the New Zealand Fight Night. Considering that these events are meant to display the national talent of NZ, it’s unlikely that this champion will partake at the Auckland Spark Arena festivities. However, there is always the chance that he could demand entry into the NZ Fight Night. Regardless, this upcoming battle will be one remembered in New Zealand History.

Derrick Lewis

Lewis won’t be attending the New Zealand Fight Night. This fighter is anticipated to battle Ilir Latifi in his first heavyweight division battle. This fight is taking place on February 8th on the UFC 247 Pay-Per-view. Multiple sources close to both fighters have confirmed that they have made verbal and contractual agreements. Dana White is the only individual who hasn’t confirmed the fight, which isn’t surprising with his recent actions as leader of the UFC. Regardless, this fight will take place at the Houston Toyota Centre. Latifi will have a lot on the line in his first Heavyweight Battle, where Derrick Lewis is an experienced fighter. Most are anticipated that Latifi will suffer minor to major injuries, with a TKO Final Blow.

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Logan Paul Loses Boxing Match

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Logan Paul Loses Boxing Match

After months of advertisements and fight promotions campaigns, the Logan Paul and KSI Boxing Match finally went underway. Televised on SkySports and DZVN, the YouTube Stars entered the boxing ring and for Logan Paul, the ensuing bout ended with a dramatic loss. These two superstar men met on Saturday Night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of a sold-out crowd. Their first boxing match was in 2018, one that ended in a split decision after six rounds. However, this wasn’t the case for their second fight as KSI was declared the victory winner after the referee, Jack Reiss, gave Logan Paul a two-point deduction. This deduction was accessed for Logan Paul illegally hitting KSI while holding him in Round Four.

Logan Paul took his left arm and held KSI’s head in an unmovable position, immediately throwing punches afterwards with his right fist. Logan Paul also hit him a final time with a right hook when KSI was on his knee, which led to the fight being broken up by refs. Ultimately the refs choose to accept this punch but gave Logan the deduction of two points. Two of the three judges rooted for KSI, with the third in favour of Logan Paul’s tactics.

Before this event took place, both boxers spent a great deal of time training with some of the greatest fighters alive today. Both personalities took six months to work out, train extensively, heal their body and repeat the process. Furthermore, the two boys who are known for partying also had to complete drug tests and screenings weekly from the California State Athletic Commission. This was because both at the time were undercard fighters who required licenses before the event transpired. Shockingly, both Logan Paul and KSI shook hands before embracing after the fight completed. Most wouldn’t have expected this sportsmanship out of Logan Paul, who is known for his horrible acts of the past.

Logan’s Bad History

Logan Paul received a bad reputation after New Year’s Eve 2017 when he uploaded a new YouTube Video where a deceased corpse was seen. This deceased corpse hanged himself in Aokigahara, a famous forest located at the bottom of Mount Fuji. This wilderness is also named Suicide Forest, which is a renowned location near Tokyo for Japanese Citizens to take their lives. Ultimately, Logan Paul received backlash from the media and celebrities. His channel was almost removed from YouTube when 500+ Thousand individuals signed a petition to have it terminated. He will forever be known for his insensitivity towards suicide victims.

Additional instances of controversy for this foolish young man include illegally taking a forklift in a Japanese fish market, fighting with individuals half-naked on the streets and hitting nearby citizens with a giant ball. Many would state that they’re thrilled that Logan Paul lost the fight and got beat up twice by KSI.

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Spartacus was born a Thracian in the area to the south-east of present-day Europe. Little is known about his life before he became a gladiator in Rome. The chance are he was taken prisoner when the Thracians and the Romans crossed swords, or he joined the Roman army of his own free will and deserted and was captured and, because of his fighting skills, was sent to a gladiator school. His school was based at Capua with other slave/gladiators where they lived, trained and were held captive, not unlike a prison of today. These men devoted all their time to training and learning how their opponents, who came from all over the known world, fought and weapons and tactics they employed.

In 73BC he escaped with a group of gladiators and, together with the other runaway slave, they based themselves on the slopes of Mt Vesuvius where they all received training from the experienced gladiators. Spartacus was assisted in the leadership by Crixus and Oenamus, two Gauls.

Rome underestimated the strength of the slave army and the first four Roman armies sent to subdue the rebellion, were defeated. Escaped slaves flocked to join Spartacus and his free army. Numbers soon reached over 100 000 and Rome was forced to start taking them seriously. The leaders were divided in their aims. Crixus wanted to invade Rome to recruit more soldiers, but Spartacus wanted to escape over the Alps to live a free life away from Rome. They split up, and Crixus with 30 000 men headed for Rome.

Roman citizens were terrified. An army of gladiators and slaves could cause chaos, together with Roman’s slaves, who were poorly treated by the Romans. Rumours of atrocities perpetrated by the slaves on other slave owners were spreading like wildfire. Their bad treatment was coming back to bite them! Another uprising in Sicily 60 years previously had taken two years to subdue.

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Martial Arts Self Defence

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Martial Arts Self Defence


Aikido is not for the professional hoping to beat an opponent with other martial arts skills. It is useful, however, when it is necessary to subdue someone who is not an expert. For instance: a prison warder subduing an unruly inmate or a cop with an aggressive bar fighter.

The Approach

This is a martial art to be very wary of! Developed by Eddie Quinn, he started by learning Silat. With self-defence as its criteria, the speed and strength are what makes a proponent of Approach a fighter to be reckoned with. Size does not matter in this sport; it is the quickness and energy that counts.


Karate ranks above most martial arts due to its diversity. Proponents utilize all the skills of martial arts: kicking, blocking, punching with the use of the hands, elbows, knees, and feet all play a part in this art. High fitness is a requirement of Karate as it is fast-moving and stamina is needed.


Keysi is one of the best self-defence systems being taught. Developed from street fighting and is at its best when being attacked by more than one opponent.


Judo is a martial art dating back some centuries. It is not hitting, kicking sport, but one of mainly throwing, arms locking and pinning. As a street fighter, it is not the best idea to be thrown onto a hard surface – serious injuries will be inflicted. The whole concept of Judo is to catch hold of your opponent – and to put him down. If one combines Judo with Russian Sambo, a powerful attack and defence, martial art will result. With the accent on Sambo, it will take Judo to new heights.

Krav Maya

Developed by the Israeli Defence Force, it has proved to be one of the best self-defence systems ever designed. When faced with a knife or a pistol, Krav Maya is the way to take down your assailant, fast!


Don’t be misled by the dance-like moves of the exponents of Silat. This is a martial art of fast strikes, and the use of your attackers balance to throw him off-kilter, or the disabling of arms and legs. Silat comes from and is practised from Indonesia to the Philippines. In Silat, the groundwork and wrestling make it an art to be reckoned.

Muay Thai

Also known as Thai boxing it is a system of strikes, being from the feet, fists, knees and elbows. Although ideal for self-defence, many MMA fighters are students of Muay Thai, because of its devastating kicks. Brought to Thailand by the Chinese a few hundred years ago, Muay Thai has developed into one of the best self-defence arts. A weak point of Thai Boxing has been the lack of ground skills.

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Death in the Ring

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Death in the Ring

Becoming a contender in any of the martial arts can be detrimental to the combatant’s health – even fatal. This is about fatalities in the boxing ring. Maxim Dadashev died four days after his fight with Sabriel Matias, on the July 23rd 2019. Maxim fought in the light welterweight division. He had a winning record without a defeat in his three-year professional career, with 13 wins, 11 knockouts.

Although his trainer, Buddy McGirt, realized in the ninth bout that Dadashev was struggling, he only stopped the fight in the eleventh bout. In the way back to the change rooms, Maxim vomited and collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he died four days later. Maxim left a wife and a two-year-old son.

Hugo Santillan

A few days after the boxing death of Maxim Dadashev, Hugo Santillan suffered the same fate. He died after a fight Eduardo Abreu, of Uruguayan. Santillan collapsed after the battle, which was drawn. He was admitted to hospital with kidney failure. The swelling on the brain affected other organs, and while being operated on for a blood clot in his head, he went into cardiac failure and died. He was 23 years old.

Patrick Day

On Saturday 12th October 2019, Patrick Day suffered brain damage after being knocked out. His opponent, Charles Conwell, landed a flurry of blows to Day’s head in the 10th round after Day was down for a few minutes. Day, who fought in the welterweight division as a professional, was in the top 10 ranked by the WBC and the IBF. He won two championships, the WBC Continental Americas in 2017 and the IBF International in 2019. Conwell expressed his remorse in a message to Day on the Sunday after the fight.

Leavander Johnson

Like a lightweight boxer, Leavander had 34 wins under his belt with five losses and two draws. On September 17th 2005, Johnson took on Jesus Chavez to defend his IBF crown. The fight came to an end after Chavez landed a series of blows to Johnson’s head. Johnson collapsed, and he was rushed to the hospital, but after Surgery, he passed away, five days later. Johnson started his professional career in 1989. He was undefeated after 22 matches, and against Sharma Mitchell, who he defeated in the eighth round, which opened the door to a title fight in 1994 against Miguel Gonzalez for the WBC lightweight crown. The conflict reached the eighth round when it was stopped – Johnson’s first professional loss.

His second attempt at a world title shot, was against Orzubek Nazarov, for the WBA World Title. He was stopped in the seventh round – his second title loss. After no title fights for seven years, in a battle against Javier Jauregui for a vacant title in 2003, he lost again. In the next year and a half, he fought Zoff for the IBF crown and won. Two years later, he fought Jesus Chavez to defend his title with disastrous results.

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Cage Fighting

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Cage Fighting

Cage fighting is a combination of martial arts and street fighting fought in an octagonal, fenced ring. The object is to subdue or knock out your opponent by any means. This sport, although not recognised by the International Olympics Committee, is stealing popularity from the likes of boxing and WWE wrestling. To become champions fighters must compete against others of the same weight class, as often as possible, to build up points.

The fight lasts 3 or 5 rounds of 5 minutes each and ref joins the fighters in the cage. A combination of different martial skills is employed such as wrestling, boxing, judo, karate, taekwondo and kickboxing. A combatant is a winner if the opponent is either knocked out or taps out. If a fight reaches the end of the designated rounds without a looser, the winner will be judged by the most number of mighty blows and takedowns. Cage fighting is the most demanding fight of our times and fitness is paramount.

This style of fighting is as violent as a fight can be without the use of weapons and is fought by two combatants at the peak of physical fitness and can end in serious injuries or even death. Broken limbs are not unheard of, and damaged facial features with copious blood are often the result of the severity of the fighting style. Broken necks and brain damage are always a possibility.

Female Fighters

More and more women are entering the cage, with some looking for fame and fortune and some just looking to provide for their families, and some just for the fun of it! They all have one thing in common: they don’t care what they look like after the fight! Others who train want to learn how to defend themselves, but there is the downside to this type of fighting. Katy Collins, the Red Dragon, died at the age of 32 from a brain aneurysm. A mother of two young boys from the USA she had been fighting for three years. Was it worth it?

Cage Fighting Kids

Some kids, as young as four, have started training in the martial arts. Although competition for kids is banned in the USA, training is above board. Some of these youngsters start MMA training as a defence against playground bullies. Hopefully, they don’t become the bullies themselves! Their self-esteem and confidence soar as they learn to defend themselves. Fighting in the cage is carefully monitored, and the kids are not expected to go so far as tapping out, and potentially dangerous moves and holds are nipped in the bud. Very few injuries have been reported, and combatants are required to wear helmets, gloves and shin guards. Hopefully, these young fighters will grow up to be MMA fighters, but at least they will leave the cage confident and able to defend themselves.

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