Ortega Mentions UFC Return

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Ortega Mentions UFC Return

One of the most recognizable names in the Ultimate Fighter Championship, Brian Ortega, recently had to take a leave of absence. This came during a matchup in South Korea for UFC Busan against the Korean Zombie. Unfortunately, the battle against Chan Sung Jung was terminated after the former featherweight titleholder tore his ACL. Subsequently, this means one of the league’s favourites hasn’t had a full-rounded fight for sixteen months. Brian Ortega confirmed that this isn’t the end of his fighting journey, that many years are still coming.

Ortega spoke with UFC Reporters on his condition, noting that in this session, his knee was thrown against the Octagon. This prompted his ankle to push forward, with a massive tear ensuing. Brian first believed that the sound being made was from Velcro, which quickly was revealed to be his ACL after the initial shock subsidized. Ortega continued to push onwards in the fight, hoping that the pain would deplete and that he could focus in on prior boxing skills to defeat Jung Sung. It didn’t take long for match officials to notice Ortega’s pain, which resulted in the fight being cancelled midway through the ten rounds.

Medical Assistance

Immediately after the fight was postponed, Brian Ortega was taken to medical officials on-site. He was provided three ice and hot tub baths, along with anti-inflammatory drugs. This was made in an attempt to return Ortega to the Octagon before officials had to terminate the match. Unfortunately, it was diagnosed that Ortega had torn his ACL on December 21st, thirty minutes after the injury had occurred.

Brian was benefited by the immediate action of match officials and medical staff, with the fighter confirming that he won’t have to partake in surgery to restore his ACL. Instead, doctors have given him four months of rehabilitation before his next bout his training can resume. From all accounts, Brian Ortega won’t appear in another fight until this time next year. It’s unknown if that battle will be against the Korean Zombie or another formidable opponent. We will provide our readers will all future information regarding Brian Ortega’s fighting career in the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Regardless of this scenario, fans are pleased to know that their prized fighter hasn’t been critically injured.