Movies about Martial Arts

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Movies about Martial Arts

The popularity of the martial arts has leapt ahead with the advent of movies with fight scenes and warfare. The most popular have been those with Bruce Lee as the main star. Bruce was born in the USA in 1940. During his younger years, he had minor parts in various films and, in total, he acted in about seventeen movies, and four TV shows and Bruce became the epitome of martial art actors. Initially taught the martial arts by his father, Bruce studied further under various masters until he was eighteen.

Fist of Fury

In this movie, Chen (Bruce Lee) starts working at a factory and promises his family to stay out of confrontation, which might lead to fighting. When some members of his family disappear, he must break his promise and take on the villain. He fights students of master Suzuki of the Japanese dojo, and in an epic fight, he beats all the students using his skills with the nunchaku. The master then attacks Chen with a samurai sword which Chen takes off him and kills him.

Enter the Dragon

This is Bruce’s last movie before his death in 1973. He must infiltrate a gang involved in drugs and slavery. The contest becomes personal when he realises that the group were the cause of his sister taking her own life. Enter the Dragon is considered the highest martial arts film ever produced. The final scene is in a hall of mirrors which Bruce must smash to find and kill his enemy. Other actors who have played a part in the popularisation of the martial arts must include Chuck Norris. Some of his movies are Hellbound and Invasion USA.


In this movie, Chuck takes the part of Frank Shatter with Calvin Jackson (Calvin Levels), two detectives in Chicago who are investigating the murder of a Rabbi. The investigation takes them to Israel where they deduce that the baddy is Prosatanis, the Devils sidekick. He, Prosatanis, has attempted to take over the world previously, but he was stopped by King Richard the Lionheart who smashed his source of power, his wand. King Richard then banishes him to an underground dungeon. His accidental release sets him off again on his mission to dominate the world, but first, he must collect together the pieces of the wand. The detectives must stop him once and for all.

Invasion USA

This movie starts in the swamps of the south of the USA. It features gunfights to satisfy the most bloodthirsty fans. This is a typical 1980’s cold war film in which the communists try to invade the USA via Cuba. His, Norris’s, ability with his machine gun plays out numerous shooting scenes, and there are enough bombs and explosions to stop an invasion! Also depicted is the attempt to bomb a bus and an epic fight out in a shopping mall.