More Doubt for the Return of Conor McGregor

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More Doubt for the Return of Conor McGregor

It has now been a long wait to find out more about the return of Conor McGregor. He retired about four months ago with a post on social media, but nothing has been considered. Dana White says Conor will be returning to the octagon in 2019 and the fighter has not let me know anything about retirement.

Thus, most of us can only assume the retirement is another attention-seeking matter, much like we saw back in 2016. However, that retirement treat lasted for only two weeks.

Now, in July 2019, McGregor throws yet another curveball with news about his possible return still not happening due to a hand injury. He posted on Instagram about the matter where he is in hospital and getting a cast on his hand. This could mean he is out for the 2019 season and we might not see him come back at all.

Let’s face it, McGregor has been out of the fighting scene for almost a year now having lost his last fight at UFC 229 in October of 2018 against Khabib. Sure, his separation from MMA started with a six months suspension for his part in the brawl after the fight, but that has been cleared and he could have taken part in fights since May.

According to Dana White a few months ago (just after the retirement post), Conor was talking to him about a comeback in MMA, possibly lining up fights. He even offered Conor a co-main event, which was thrown back in his face as McGregor wanted shares in UFC before he would attend the match. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t agree.

About this Hand Injury

The hand injury would mean even more time away from MMA for Conor McGregor, which could eventually lead to the fighter retiring and focusing fully on his new Whiskey adventure. However, things seem a little fishy with the hand that was hurt late in May 2019.

This week, McGregor posted another video where he takes part in the bottle cap challenge, which involves a spin wheel kick. Of course, McGregor nailed the challenge and even went as far as to challenge Floyd Mayweather. The interesting thing is that McGregor didn’t have a cast anymore, making it seem as if his hand has headed quite quickly.

His coach revealed more details about the hand in an interview not so long ago, claiming McGregor hurt in hand while training. He accidentally punched a spur on the back of the head. The coach also reported that McGregor is currently going through therapy for the hand and should be in full swinging action soon.

Interestingly, the coach went on to talk about what McGregor wants, which is to follow through with retirement. At the end of the day, that is what McGregor said he wanted, still just somewhat unreal.