MMA Industry Trends

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MMA Industry Trends

The MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a growing and thriving industry. With martial arts clubs generating $3.2 billion dollars in 2014, it’s clear that many Americans show an interest in martial arts.

For one it’s a great integration of both fitness and martial arts. Furthermore it’s caught the attention of businesses who have been leaping into this industry with little hesitation. These days we can find all kinds of classes, quality programs and so many other things.

Furthermore as this industry is being developed further, mixed martial arts have incorporated a few other techniques that could set some trends in this industry. Today we’re looking at a few of them.

Cage Fitness

Cage Fitness, a combination of the tenets of MMA training, but no hand-to-hand combat involved. This was launched by UFC star Matt Hughes, and its response has overall been positive. One of the big advantages is that it caters to an individual’s skill and fitness level. Furthermore – and more importantly- cage fitness doesn’t take a long time to do. It’s recommended that you do five five-minute workout sessions with one minute rests between each quick session. Because these workouts take only 30 minutes, it fits nicely with people’s schedules and it can also boost revenue for facilities that provide this.


A combination of Pilates, boxing, and dance, Piloxing is a hybrid workout that’s great for burning fat. Furthermore Piloxing also increases flexibility and strength. Piloxing is popular the most amongst women as this is an alternative to basic kickboxing classes.

Piloxing has also become widely used across the board because of its all-around body benefits. With Pilates you are boosting your leg strength and cardio. The weighted boxing gloves define and tone your arms and upper body. This makes for a more appealing workout for people.

CrossFit Defense

Marketing itself as a hardcore workout program, CrossFit Defense is an intensive workout and works differently than Piloxing and Cage Fitness. The first major thing is it integrates martial arts with the popular fitness brand, CrossFit. With CrossFit movements paired with self-defense, this mixed martial arts workout will help in burning fat and boosting confidence in yourself.

What also separates CrossFit Defense from the others is this a full-contact self-defence class. Because of this, many people from CrossFit users to professional MMA players can use this training for various reasons. This training works well if you are looking to boost confidence, but MMA stars also practice CrossFit Defense to use as training for a fight. Furthermore those who are in CrossFit use this as a means of expanding into other areas.


There are many benefits to adding MMA fitness into your life. If you’re already exercising, you could use this training as a way to explore new things and enhance a basic routine that you have already.

Researching further into MMA it’s certainly different than the usual exercises, but it’s not that far of a stretch that it’s impossible to try out.