MMA Gets 2 New Weight Divisions in 2019

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MMA Gets 2 New Weight Divisions in 2019

The world of MMA fighting is once again shifting into a positive position for fighters. Not only focusing on safety, but on fairness as well. In 2019, we see 2 additional weight categories become available, allowing fighters the opportunity to challenge opponents in their weight bracket without having to drop a load of weight before the fight.

Of course, this has positive benefits for the fighter’s health as well. In no way is if safe to drop as much as 30 pounds in a short amount of time just to fit into a category. A strict a balanced diet is one of the most important things for MMA fighters, which is one of the reasons the new weight categories are implemented.

The new weight classes also allow fighters who struggle to get down to the weight the option to join a slightly higher weight option to complete against fair competition without going through the huge drops to qualify for the smaller class.

The Changes for 2019

The new Unified Rules requires 2 new categories from the Brave CF who has agreed to eliminate the current welterweight completely and introduce its replacement with a super welterweight of 175lbs (79.3kg). They are also including a new super lightweight category at 165lbs (74.8kg).

These new weight options are great for fighters who don’t want to move over to the middle weight classes, but also cannot meet the weight requirements unless they implement strict diets that have been proven risky and unhealthy.

With these changes, we’ll see fighters taking part in various categories, which is bound to introduce new interesting matches. Jarrah Al-Selawe would become the current super welterweight title holder, who is sure to have a line-up of challengers, ready to take him on and hope to become the new title holder.

Why are the New Weights Better?

As mentioned by Kirik Jenness, the MMA sports are extremely physically demanding and many of the head strikes are dangerous, but for as long as there are brave enough people in the world, the sport will continue.

However, with fighters cutting 20 to 30 lbs to get into the lower weight classes, it introduces new challengers and risks as these fighters don’t actually complete against the fighters they should. Some of them are cutting from 205lbs all the way down to take part in the 185lbs level.

With these changes, that won’t happen anymore as heavier fighters would have a higher weight level to take part in. Of course, this doesn’t mean some fighters would still try to lose the weight and make it to the smaller categories, but at least we won’t see as the same drastic cuts as before.

The new changes have introduced loads of excitement for both fans and fighters, which is a great reaction. Of course, there’s great reason for this, especially when you consider the new matches heading our way in 2019.