Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

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Mike Perry Picks Fight with Hollywood

Those participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship often never back down from a fight. Unfortunately, there are cases where certain fighters publicly embarrass themselves by creating media attention for no apparent reason. Most recently this applied to Mike Perry, who has threated Michael Jai White, an actor from Hollywood. This feud began when the UFC fighter viewed YouTube content that revolved around the actor, who provided knowledgeable insight on fighting for Blood & Bone, a film from 2009. This film centred around two actors from the UFC, including Gina Carano and Bob Sapp. Kimbo Slice also played a notable role in the film.

The content on YouTube displayed Michael White badmouthing Kimbo Slice, noting that he couldn’t take constructive criticism. This didn’t fit what Perry deemed respectful, which prompted the fighter to make public comments via social media. He publicly challenged the Hollywood actor, expressing that a bare-knuckle fight in his backyard would be ideal. Mike Perry also testified that Kimbo Slice could destroy Michael White in any scenario. The UFC Legend then expressed that the former MMA teachings undergone by Michael White created an individual who doesn’t know the subject anymore.

Michael White’s Response

Michael White wasn’t impressed with the statements made by Mike Perry via Twitter. The actor immediately responded to the aforementioned tweet, where he expressed that Mike Perry should learn the same MMA he was taught and that his Prison Move Technique would destroy him. White offered to teach the UFC fighter this move, claiming that if he did, Perry wouldn’t be ranked 20th in the UFC. Michael White finished his replying statement by mentioning that a bare-knuckle fight would be welcomed and that Perry is welcome to message him anytime he wants. Since that moment, the UFC Fighter has been silent on his various social media accounts.

It should be noted that Michael White isn’t the standard Hollywood actor, he’s maintained a professional martial artist career since the young age of seven. He’s acquired championship belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. Those techniques he amassed throughout his young adult life allowed him to reach critical success amongst Hollywood Elitist, appearing in notable titles like The Dark Knight. He’s also appeared in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and Tyson: The Movie. This extends to his role in Blood and Bone.

It’s not surprising that Mike Perry immediately backed down from his public fight. He clearly was trying to garner publicity towards his fighter career, which comes after having lost five of his last several fights. The most recent bout saw him getting knocked out by Geoff Neal. Perry continues to dropdown in the UFC standings and most likely won’t have a career after 2020.