McGregor’s Manager Talks Conor’s Future

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McGregor’s Manager Talks Conor’s Future

Conor McGregor has remained a present force in the Ultimate Fighters Championship since defeating Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January 2020. The Irishman made headlines earlier last week after UFC 249, which came when he made a tyrant of statements via Twitter. Nearly every competitor within the Lightweight Division was attacked by McGregor, showing the Irishman is desperate to fight anybody and reach a championship-level fight.

Conor hopes to compete against Justin Gaethje for the Interim Lightweight Championship Belt. Most are focused on the UFC Career of Conor McGregor, with others more concerned on his return to boxing. Details on who the Irishman is selecting throughout 2020-21 was revealed by his manager on May 12th.

The Manager of McGregor

Audie Attar provided multiple MMA news outlets with updated on Conor’s future in the Ultimate Fighters Championship. He remarked that Notorious will return to boxing in the future, with his primary concern right now being Mixed Martial Arts. Audie noted that McGregor hasn’t forgotten about boxing and plays to increase his weight by 2020, hoping to combat notable fighters like Tyson Fury.

The focus, for now, is obtaining a fight with either Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, or Justin Gaethje. Some believe McGregor isn’t deserving of a championship fight, with the Irishman previously retiring and then returning. He should fight through the ranks like any other competitor in the UFC. However, money talks and Conor brings in hundreds of millions for Dana White. That’s why he’ll continuously receive special treatment over other competitors.

Audie Attar remarked that either of his desired opponents hadn’t approached Conor McGregor. It’s suspected that Audie himself will have to start these delegations. All fighters in the UFC want to compete against Conor McGregor, with anyone who fights the Irishman earning $10 million or higher. This figure is substantially larger than what standard fighters like Justin Gaethje are accustomed to receiving. That’s why most analysts agree that Justin will select McGregor as his next opponent, with Khabib Nurmagomedov coming 2nd. There’s always the chance that Dana White will give Tony Ferguson a 2nd fight with Justin Gaethje before the new Interim Lightweight Heavyweight Champion can compete against McGregor or Nurmagomedov.