McGregor Demands Bellator Start Drug Testing

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McGregor Demands Bellator Start Drug Testing

Bellator MMA has received demanded from a fighter that isn’t contracted in their division. Conor McGregor from the UFC, a champion of two divisions, has required that Bellator MMA implement a drug testing program for their fighters. This follows after years of criticism for Bellator refusing to enforce a league-wide drug testing system. However, Conor McGregor wasn’t the first to prompt this argument. Bellator’s Sinead Kavanagh began the discussion of drug testing, with McGregor defending his friend’s stance & making a general agreement.

Sinead Kavanagh stated through his Twitter Handle that fighters are capable of getting tested for the coronavirus & cannot get tested for drug usage. Bellator Executives have ignored public outcries from Sinead Kavanagh, with his sentiments not gaining mainstream attention until Conor McGregor replied. Notorious claimed that Bellator MMA partnering with an international drug testing institution is long overdue. McGregor continued by evoking it’s destructive for Bellator MMA not to test for performance-enhancing drugs, that fighters getting addicted can result in lifelong battles & potential death. Conor McGregor has actively voiced keeping athletes safe from these addictive drugs.

Conor McGregor is contracted with the UFC, which received regular & unexpected testing from the “United States Anti-Doping Agency”. That’s been an active regulation in the UFC since 2015, which saw alterations to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fighters were provided with a list of substances that cannot be used any longer and required each fighter to sign an agreement for random drug tests. Any competitor that was deemed an active user of performance-enhancing drugs was liable for suspension. The length & severity of that suspension is determined through a USADA Investigation. Multiple infringements will revoke those fighters right to compete in America.

Local Regulation

Bellator MMA doesn’t have any formal partnership with a governing regulator like the USADA. Testing for performance-enhancing drugs is engaged with local athletic commissions, which are easily swayed through financial compensation. This is something that Conor McGregor & Sinead Kavanagh has both disputed, with both men actively supporting mixed martial arts without performance-enhancing drugs. McGregor himself has never tested positive in any of his drug tests.