McGregor Acquires 1.3 Million PPV Views

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McGregor Acquires 1.3 Million PPV Views

The most prominent figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is Conor McGregor. His athletic personality draws millions towards pay-per-views hosted by the UFC. Eleven months have passed since McGregor last competed in the octagon, with his former opponent Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January 2020. Supporters wanting to witness “Notorious” return won’t have to wait long, with Dustin Poirier confirmed for UFC 257 on January 23rd.

Conor McGregor isn’t entirely focused on his upcoming bout with Dustin Poirier, as recent interviews for UFC 257 has McGregor discussing fights that happened eleven pay-per-views ago. McGregor continues to bolster how UFC 246 was the highest-viewed PPV in 2020, emphasising that UFC 251 didn’t sustain the same level of popularity. Most haven’t forgotten that McGregor’s PPV with Donald Cerrone drew more than a million viewers, marking the highest seen for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After those views, Conor McGregor claims UFC 246 was the highest-earning of 2020.

Social media posts have been released by Conor McGregor, who congratulated the Ultimate Fighting Championship on sustaining a profitable year & claiming the UFC was the premier sporting institution to make it through the Covid pandemic. Those claims were debunked in minutes by sports analysts, showing McGregor’s continued foolishness & lack of global intelligence. Institutions like Formula One, the Association of Tennis Professionals, International Cricket, and numerous others sustained formal seasonal events in 2020.

Proven Wrong

Conor McGregor didn’t hesitate to prove his claims that UFC 246 earned higher than UFC 251. UFC Analysts would debunk falsified proof released by McGregor, with accurate information showing that both pay-per-views sustained 1.3 Million viewers. Nobody is surprised that McGregor is lying to bolster his skillsets. When defeating previous opponents, Conor suggested himself the exclusive individual to acquire championships in two divisions across the UFC. One day after those claims, it’d be learned two others accomplished the task before himself. Conor McGregor’s reputation is dropping rapidly, with 2020 proving to become the UFC fighter’s worst. He’d lose his fiancé after committing domestic abuse against the mother of his child.