Mason Jones Making UFC Debut on January 20th

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Mason Jones Making UFC Debut on January 20th

The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced on December 30th that they’ve employed Mason Jones to the roster. It’s a prominent announcement for the UFC, which for weeks has confirmed fighters leaving the company & none joining because of lower salaries being offered. The first instance of Mason Jones competing in the octagon will be January 20th, where he’ll make his formal debut at “UFC Fight Island Eight”. Considering that Mason Jones in a two-division champion in Great Britain’s Cage Warriors, his debut will garner interest from thousands in the United Kingdom.

Mason Jones is making his formal debut under the Lightweight Division, which is the UFCs most popular & where competitors like Khabib Nurmagomedov have reached prominent glory. Mason is battling against Mike Davis, another individual recently contracted by UFC CEO Dana White. Analysts anticipate that Mason Jones will outfight Mike Davis, with the New Yorker having eight wins & two losses. Davis hasn’t acquired the championship for NYCs mixed martial arts division of “Pete White Boxing & MMA”.

This venue is being streamed to Americans from ESPN+ and to Canadians through TSN. Mason’s battle won’t be UFC Fight Island Eights most exciting, with prominent names in the roster slated to compete. Supporters of mixed martial arts shouldn’t take that approach with Mason Jones, an individual that’ll likely reach prominence throughout the Lightweight Division. Ten consecutive victories have been acquired by Mason Jones, with zero losses. Championship divisions held by Jones include Welterweight & Lightweight. Both were obtained within a six-month timeframe.

The Future for Mason Jones

Considering this fighter is aged twenty-five, his career is only beginning & could sustain another ten years under the UFC. Supporters of Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship should pay attention to the likely rise of Mason Jones. Some analysts have suggested that with the reputation of Jones, he could become Dana White’s replacement answer for Conor McGregor. This time instead of an Irish fighter, it’d be a British fighter leading the Lightweight Division.