Martial Arts Self Defence

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Martial Arts Self Defence


Aikido is not for the professional hoping to beat an opponent with other martial arts skills. It is useful, however, when it is necessary to subdue someone who is not an expert. For instance: a prison warder subduing an unruly inmate or a cop with an aggressive bar fighter.

The Approach

This is a martial art to be very wary of! Developed by Eddie Quinn, he started by learning Silat. With self-defence as its criteria, the speed and strength are what makes a proponent of Approach a fighter to be reckoned with. Size does not matter in this sport; it is the quickness and energy that counts.


Karate ranks above most martial arts due to its diversity. Proponents utilize all the skills of martial arts: kicking, blocking, punching with the use of the hands, elbows, knees, and feet all play a part in this art. High fitness is a requirement of Karate as it is fast-moving and stamina is needed.


Keysi is one of the best self-defence systems being taught. Developed from street fighting and is at its best when being attacked by more than one opponent.


Judo is a martial art dating back some centuries. It is not hitting, kicking sport, but one of mainly throwing, arms locking and pinning. As a street fighter, it is not the best idea to be thrown onto a hard surface – serious injuries will be inflicted. The whole concept of Judo is to catch hold of your opponent – and to put him down. If one combines Judo with Russian Sambo, a powerful attack and defence, martial art will result. With the accent on Sambo, it will take Judo to new heights.

Krav Maya

Developed by the Israeli Defence Force, it has proved to be one of the best self-defence systems ever designed. When faced with a knife or a pistol, Krav Maya is the way to take down your assailant, fast!


Don’t be misled by the dance-like moves of the exponents of Silat. This is a martial art of fast strikes, and the use of your attackers balance to throw him off-kilter, or the disabling of arms and legs. Silat comes from and is practised from Indonesia to the Philippines. In Silat, the groundwork and wrestling make it an art to be reckoned.

Muay Thai

Also known as Thai boxing it is a system of strikes, being from the feet, fists, knees and elbows. Although ideal for self-defence, many MMA fighters are students of Muay Thai, because of its devastating kicks. Brought to Thailand by the Chinese a few hundred years ago, Muay Thai has developed into one of the best self-defence arts. A weak point of Thai Boxing has been the lack of ground skills.