Mark Striegl Makes UFC Debut on October 17th

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Mark Striegl Makes UFC Debut on October 17th

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was slated to have another fighter debut in 2020, this time at UFC Fight Night 180. Mark Striegl was expected to make his debut months ago but was forced out of contention after contracting COVID-19. Without testing positive for the coronavirus, Mark Striegl would’ve fought Timur Valiev in August 2020 at UFC ESPN 15.

UFC President Dana White would give Striegl another opportunity to compete, this time with the younger brother of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Mark Striegl didn’t hesitate to sign this contracted fight & will now battle Said Nurmagomedov on October 17th. Most believe that Dana White is favouring the Nurmagomedov family, with Mark Striegl having never competed in the UFC before & Said Nurmagomedov having ample experience in the Octagon.

Vengeance for Said Nurmagomedov

Said Nurmagomedov has maintained two fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with his namesake becoming popular amongst supporters with family relations to Khabib. Dana White has waited until the perfect moment to reintroduce Said Nurmagomedov for a 3rd bout, with his last battle taking place in December 2019 at UFC Fight Night 165. It’d be during this bout that Said Nurmagomedov lost his 2nd fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, with judges providing the unanimous decision to Raoni Barcelos. He’ll now look to dominate over Mark Striegl at UFC Fight Night 180.

The most dangerous weapon associated with Said Nurmagomedov is his kickboxing capabilities. When competing against Ricardo Ramos at UFC Fight Night 144, the debut fight for Said Nurmagomedov, he’d perform a destructive spinning back-end kick. Afterwards, the younger brother of Khabib laid out nearly a dozen punches before the fight was called. Said Nurmagomedov won his first bout by unanimous decision. It’ll be this moment that Khabib’s younger brother tries to repeat, and not the bout against Raoni Barcelos.

Striegl Emphasis Concern

UFC Reporters have questioned Mark Striegl on his thoughts behind the Said Nurmagomedov fight. Striegl evoked that Khabib’s younger brother has formidable kickboxing capabilities and that his camp has accounted for that in his training. Mark mentioned that his mental state has honed into his talents and will impose his physical prowess onto Said Nurmagomedov. Defeating the brother of Khabib during Mark’s debut fight would cement his future in the Ultimate Fighting Competition. The stakes might be high, but the reward is more significant.