Logan Paul Loses Boxing Match

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Logan Paul Loses Boxing Match

After months of advertisements and fight promotions campaigns, the Logan Paul and KSI Boxing Match finally went underway. Televised on SkySports and DZVN, the YouTube Stars entered the boxing ring and for Logan Paul, the ensuing bout ended with a dramatic loss. These two superstar men met on Saturday Night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of a sold-out crowd. Their first boxing match was in 2018, one that ended in a split decision after six rounds. However, this wasn’t the case for their second fight as KSI was declared the victory winner after the referee, Jack Reiss, gave Logan Paul a two-point deduction. This deduction was accessed for Logan Paul illegally hitting KSI while holding him in Round Four.

Logan Paul took his left arm and held KSI’s head in an unmovable position, immediately throwing punches afterwards with his right fist. Logan Paul also hit him a final time with a right hook when KSI was on his knee, which led to the fight being broken up by refs. Ultimately the refs choose to accept this punch but gave Logan the deduction of two points. Two of the three judges rooted for KSI, with the third in favour of Logan Paul’s tactics.

Before this event took place, both boxers spent a great deal of time training with some of the greatest fighters alive today. Both personalities took six months to work out, train extensively, heal their body and repeat the process. Furthermore, the two boys who are known for partying also had to complete drug tests and screenings weekly from the California State Athletic Commission. This was because both at the time were undercard fighters who required licenses before the event transpired. Shockingly, both Logan Paul and KSI shook hands before embracing after the fight completed. Most wouldn’t have expected this sportsmanship out of Logan Paul, who is known for his horrible acts of the past.

Logan’s Bad History

Logan Paul received a bad reputation after New Year’s Eve 2017 when he uploaded a new YouTube Video where a deceased corpse was seen. This deceased corpse hanged himself in Aokigahara, a famous forest located at the bottom of Mount Fuji. This wilderness is also named Suicide Forest, which is a renowned location near Tokyo for Japanese Citizens to take their lives. Ultimately, Logan Paul received backlash from the media and celebrities. His channel was almost removed from YouTube when 500+ Thousand individuals signed a petition to have it terminated. He will forever be known for his insensitivity towards suicide victims.

Additional instances of controversy for this foolish young man include illegally taking a forklift in a Japanese fish market, fighting with individuals half-naked on the streets and hitting nearby citizens with a giant ball. Many would state that they’re thrilled that Logan Paul lost the fight and got beat up twice by KSI.