Khabib Taking on Tony Ferguson

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Khabib Taking on Tony Ferguson

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has received a confirmation on one of the most desired fights in recent history. It was announced that the UFC would hold a Pay-Per-View event in Brooklyn, New York on April 18th. This PPV will see Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson battle it out for championship victory. The confirmation of the fight was forced onto Dana White when multiple sources close to the UFC informed ESPN that the fight is currently in development. Afterwards, an initial report was made on Monday, November 26th, by the UFC on ESPN.

During this Press Conference, Dana White confirmed that these two prized fighters would take to the ring in April. However, he noted that negotiations for payment are still ongoing. Though this means that both athletes haven’t officially agreed to the fight, Dana White has forced them into a decision by making it a public announcement. It’s expected that a live televised event will be played out next week, where both fighters will sign bout agreements. It should be noted that these fighters have been scheduled to battle on four occasions, with injuries and ruined weights forcing those battles to be reprehended. It appears that this time around, both prized MMA fighters are in prime condition for the fight.

The Past of Nurmagomedov Vs Ferguson

Khabib Nurmagomedov is considered to be the best fighter in the UFC. He has been undefeated throughout his entire career and holds the lightweight title. Khabib is one of the few to submit Dustin Poirier and Connor McGregor, showing that he is unlike any other fighter in the league. Nurmagomedov hasn’t lost a fight since arriving in the Ultimate Fighting Competition, but his hardest fight has yet to come. Tony Ferguson hasn’t lost for twelve matches in a row and is considered to be the next lightweight titleholder. If he defeats Khabib on April 18th, then Tony Ferguson would become the new champion of the UFC.

The last two fights that Tony Ferguson had was against Donald Cerone and Anthony Pettis, where he defeated both fighters in a brutalized fashion. He beat both with total knockouts, allowing for his spot at number one contender against Khabib to be cemented. There isn’t any question; the Nurmagomedov Vs Ferguson bout will be one of the most significant battles for the 2020 UFC Season. It will settle a fight that fans have debated for years now.