Kelvin Gastelum reveals all from UFC injuries and the relationship with Dana White

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Kelvin Gastelum reveals all from UFC injuries and the relationship with Dana White

Kelvin Gastelum has been on the news lately and the fighter revealed all during one of his interviews. For starters, he admitted he was initially disappointed that he would have to wait a bit longer before he got his shot at winning a title. This follows the news that Gastelum was originally supposed to challenge the current middleweight champ, Robert Whittaker after both fighters finish up their coaching season for the 28th season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality TV show.

While no official dates were released, Gastelum did reveal that there was some unofficial chatter of the match happening in December. Although, any chance of that happening fell through as Whittaker publicly announced his broken hand hasn’t gone through the stages of rehab. While Gastelum was understandably disappointed, he understood completely. This means that Whittaker wouldn’t be able to return to the floor until sometime in the early months of 2019.

In the meantime, Gastelum is still active and will just have to find something else to d while he waits for his opponent to make a full recovery. This is something he is openly supportive of as he rather fights someone who is in their healthiest state before his first UFC title shot match. Even during one of his interviews with TUF 28, the anticipating fighter has even gone as far as to say that he wants to make sure Whittaker takes care of his hand injury first. Tn the brighter side of things, Gastelum won’t just be idly waiting until his match as he has another six weeks of TUF schedule tapings to deal with while he’s in Las Vegas.

Gastelum has a history of knowing how to put in the work to achieve something. Which was clearly seen during season 17 of TUF, where he was a competitor and eventually became the winner. Even though he knew the title is his ultimate goal, he’s winning to out in the work no matter what. Although Gastelum has admitted that it’s going to be a bit hard to take time for himself to train and prepare for his match next year as being a coach on the show is a full-time job that requires him to be on the clock constantly. As the fighter said it himself – he is putting 110% into his priority at the moment, which is the TUF competition.

This admission follows one of the most interesting turns of events this year as Gastelum was supposed to fight Whittaker during the latter previous match against Romero, which was a non-title fight. The presence of the UFC, Dana White admitted that Gastelum was supposed to serve as a backup fighter for Romero but had to withdraw due to personal issues that were not disclosed. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to note that White didn’t say the last part with glee.

Despite his small issues with the UFC brass, Gastelum chopped it up as constant miscommunication issues with himself, his manager, and the other team. It does appear that all is well considering he is a coach for TUF and his on the line of being a title fighter soon. As Gastelum put it himself, White allowed him to be a coach and partake in the big match – so all is well between the two.