Jon Jones Facing One-Year Suspension

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Jon Jones Facing One-Year Suspension

The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has been arrested for drinking while driving with intent. Those charges extend to possessing a firearm, not having insurance of his vehicle and possession of open containers. Fighting analysts have started calling Jones that UFCs “Disappointment of All Time”. Supporters behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship shouldn’t expect these athletes to be perfect citizens.

Professional fighting can create multiple adverse side effects to the brain, with many speculating that after a lengthy career, this has begun happening to Jon Jones. It should be noted that he’s committed criminal offences previously, and continuously received leniency because of his celebrity. Things will change for Jon Jones in 2020, with the UFC having no choice but to implement a one-year suspension. This will leave Dana White without one of his most notable fighters, who can’t defend Jon Jones after disturbing video evidence was publicly released.

There have been multiple people throughout the UFC, and Jon Jones camp that has expressed this champion needs medical assistance. The suspension period is necessary to ensure that Jones can return to the UFC. It should be mentioned that Jones has come off four title defences throughout the last fourteen months. Sporting analysts and UFC Corporate were beginning to trust Jones for the 3rd time. The champion was slated to compete against Stipe Miocic in late 2020, with that bout now being impossible for Jones. The last time he fought was on February 8th in Houston against Dominick Reyes for UFC 247.

No Fight

There won’t be any fighting opportunities for Jon Jones after his numerous charges. The Albuquerque District Attorney’s Office will be handling the allegations against Jon Jones. They’ll be looking for a ten-year prison sentence for the drunk driving, possession of open containers, use of firearms and lack of insurance. Jon Jones was expected to be shooting guns around 1 AM around the Albuquerque Region. Locals identified a Black Jeep as the culprit, with Jon Jones being located in an identical field.

On-Scene Officers provided three field sobriety tests with Jon Jones, where he continually failed against all efforts. Breathalyzers were than administered to the Light Heavyweight Champion, where he went 2x over the legal limit. This prompted officers to search the vehicle, where a handgun was located. Jones was taken into handcuffs and will face court by March 30th.