Joe Rogan Defends Tony Ferguson

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Joe Rogan Defends Tony Ferguson

There are multiple individuals connected to the UFC that believe Dana White is writing off Tony Ferguson. The UFC President has expressed his desire to see a rematch between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, with the middle eastern champion himself declining this matchup publicly. The latest individual to believe this fight isn’t going to happen is Joe Rogan, one of the most infamous figures in UFC. Rogan believes that Tony Ferguson has the skillsets required to dominate over Khabib, which would make him the 1st individual to dominate over Nurmagomedov. It should be noted that Tony Ferguson stands as the Number 1 Ranked athlete in the Ultimate Fighters Championship. Nobody can deny that “El Cucuy” will be the hardest challenge for “The Eagle” yet.

Rogan Speaks Up

Joe Rogan spoke to loyalist with the Ultimate Fighters Championship under his podcast. Statements regarding that Tony Ferguson is the boogeyman of the UFC couldn’t be more accurate. El Cucuy is secretly terrifying and has been underestimated by all opponents. This man never gets tired in the octagon, regardless of the beatings ensuing. Anybody that has fought Tony Ferguson previously have been hospitalized immediately afterwards. Some individuals call this champion “The Freight Train” because that’s exactly how all his opponents look after being defeated. It should also be noted that Tony Ferguson has the most enormous hands in the UFC, with a significant reach over most competitors. This gives him substantial advantages over opponents and will be challenging for Khabib to overcome.

Rogan mentioned that Tony Ferguson is the most terrifying fighter he’s come across, that everything about his mental and physical warfare isn’t healthy. Eccentric behaviour dominates over his persona in the ring, forcing opponents to make continuous mistakes. Joe noted that this fight will be an epic pay-per-view, but that Dana White shouldn’t immediately set up another bout with Khabib. There’s a substantial chance that Ferguson will win and potentially compete against the Irishman. However, neither the Irishman nor El Cucuy has bad blood between each other. Getting the title shot immediately after beating Donald Cerrone would also be a cop-out from Dana White. McGregor wouldn’t rightfully deserve Ferguson’s championship belt until beating everyone in his desired weight class.


Those wanting to witness the incredible battle between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov can watch the two fighters collide at UFC 249. This pay-per-view is slated for April 18th, 2020 and will be located in Brooklyn. It’ll be five rounds at the Barclays Center, with each round being five minutes. It’s expected that Khabib Nurmagomedov will win this battle, with Joe Rogan believing that Tony Ferguson will come out on top. We’d have to agree with that analytic determination.