Joe Rogan and Spotify at Odds

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Joe Rogan and Spotify at Odds

An exclusive contract between Joe Rogan & Spotify is resulting in the two parties combating each other. What shocked headlines earlier this year has become the $100 Million Headache for Rogan. The UFC Commentator & Podcast Host signed an exclusive multi-year contract with Spotify, which promoted his growth across larger audiences. After months of this deal playing out for millions to see, Joe Rogan is finding it harder to locate viable guests for his podcast experience.

It’s become known that throughout several internal meetings, employed personnel with Spotify had expressed their discontent with controversial statements uttered by Joe Rogan. Controversial sentiments from Rogan wasn’t previously an issue, with the UFC Commentator exclusively hosting the podcast on his YouTube Channel & free podcasting services. Since Joe Rogan has made controversial statements on Spotify, the same employed personnel have demanded: “Direct Editorial Oversight” of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. That included the capability to remove sections of interviews, and effectively terminate episodes that are deemed problematic.

Other employed personnel was the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast to maintain trigger warnings, fact-checked articles, and corrections at the end of each episode. This all came after Joe Rogan spread incorrect information regarding the Portland Fires, which would later require a prolonged apology from the UFC Commentator. Rogan himself hasn’t addressed issues surrounding the Spotify contract, with some inside comedic sources close to Joe, suggesting that he’d strike any demands for “Direct Editorial Oversight.”

The Controversy

Spotify should’ve been aware of which podcast host they were hiring. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has regularly caused controversy, with that attribute being a substantial factor for his fan’s viewership. Controversial statements are made with athletic personalities, Hollywood elite, political representatives, and pop culture icons.

Spotify trying to remove lively controversy from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast would ruin all hopes of their $100 Million investment becoming profitable. Spotify wouldn’t want to anger Joe Rogan either, with the UFC Commentator & Podcast host infamous for not conducting business with untrustworthy parties. Rogan could move his personality onto a competing podcast hosted by his friends, like Bill Burr & Bert Kreischer.