Jafari Vanier on Cerrone vs. McGregor

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Jafari Vanier on Cerrone vs. McGregor

The excitement towards the upcoming bout of Cerrone Vs. McGregor is growing daily. It’s reached the point where Amazon Prime completed a mini-documentary on the forthcoming match, where the Cowboys head coach spoke about the expectations for this fight. Jafari Vanier noted that their training methods have been kept under wraps and that McGregor has more to worry about than he believes. Being interviewed for the mini-documentary, he clarified that the Cowboy has grater submissions and kicking capabilities than the almighty Notorious. Vanier also expressed how the Cowboy has continually trained for upwards of a decade, with McGregor living a party-ESC lifestyle and only training recently. Subsequently, the differences between fighters will be significant come on the Octagon on December 18th.

Jafari didn’t claim that the Cowboy was undefeatable, with the head coaching noting that they’ve got to worry about the first round and McGregor’s left-hook. The Amazon Prime documentary determined that Conor McGregor continually has energy fade after the first round, with the Cowboy never losing momentum in ten rounds. Vanier clarified that in McGregor’s time away from the UFC, his left-hook has become weaker, and his footwork has drastically decreased. All of these elements combined make Vanier believe that the Cowboy is guaranteed to win this bout.

The Evident Winner

This most likely means that the first round between these athletes will be slow-paced, with Cerrone focusing on the moments when he can strike. The Cowboy will use the fight round to become acquainted with McGregor’s fighting style, forcing changes in his footwork to compete against Conor. The priority is to keep clear of the left-hand and wear McGregor out within the first two rounds. It should be noted that Donald Cerrone has had a 50-fight career, where he has lost several times. When it applies to Conor McGregor, he’s maintained twenty-one professional fights and won nineteen. However, it’s been four years since McGregor entered the octagon, which will put him at a significant disadvantage.

It’s become apparent after the Amazon Prime Mini-Documentary Series that Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone will win his upcoming bout. The differences between Cerrone and McGregor are drastic, which leads analysts to believe that Conor will lose by the third round. Those wanting to watch this bout can order the UFC 246 Pay-Per-View on January 18th, which will be held in Las Vegas. This will most likely be the highest-watched PPV in 2020, with the UFC earning hundreds of millions in the process.