Holloway Creating a Legacy

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Holloway Creating a Legacy

Max Holloway, he is an individual that cannot be wavered in the octagon or her personal life. The consistency of this fighter is unlike anything else in the UFC, which allowed him to become the championship holder for the featherweight division. This athlete has combined his personal goals into his career, forming himself a legacy that will remain with the UFC for decades to come. This will come to light when Max Holloway defends his championship against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 245. It will mark the fourth fight of his year, with his performances considered record-breaking. Holloway’s performance assisted him in the defeat of Ortega, prompting the champion to win.

Challenges Await

Max Holloway isn’t considering his upcoming bout with Volkanovski to be simple. It will be his hardest challenger of the last twelve months, with the Australian-Born Competitor winning his previous seventeen matches. Max Holloway hasn’t faced such an impressive opponent since 2018, with Volkanovski being more impressive in his physical stature. He stands with a 71.5-Inch Reach at 5’6 Feet. However, it should be noted that Volkanovski is 31 years of age, and Holloway is only 28. The difference in four years could give Max the advantage needed to hold his title until 2020.

The young champion is aware of the challenges facing his way. The featherweight division in the UFC has begun to increase in physicality and mentality, requiring more out of the athlete. However, Max Holloway references himself to Michael Phelps at the Olympics. He has noted numerous times that his mindset is similar. It’s the reason that he’s continually beaten prized fighters, individuals that were expected to dominate Holloway in the octagon. Because of this, there is a good chance that Max will defeat Volkanovski in the upcoming bout. It should be noted that if he beats Volkanovski, it’s immediately planned for him to fight Zabit in 2020.

The Las Vegas Fight

The UFC 245 Feature Event of Holloway Vs. Volkanovski is the first time that Max gets to participate in a Las Vegas Venue. The dominating featherweight division champion has expressed his excitement towards participating in a title venue in Vega. His first Vegas Fight should’ve first happened last year but was postponed because of injuries. Throughout every interview, he hasn’t seemed nervous or remotely intimidated by his upcoming bout. We will keep our readers updated on the result of this belt-contention battle.