Floyd Mayweather Expected to enter Ring in MMA match against McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather Expected to enter Ring in MMA match against McGregor

Floyd Mayweather it seems is never happy going out on top and is taking the steps needed to enter mixed martial arts with the hopes of facing Connor McGregor in the cage.
Mayweather had announced that he was retiring from professional fighting after his win again McGregor last year in a bout that saw both fighters walking away with earnings that would make most people never work another day in their life. Yet it seems Mayweather’s ego is getting the best of him, that or the potential purse is catching his eye.

However, Mayweather has applied for a MMA license and told TMZ Sports recently that is plans to start training in mixed martial arts and will need a minimum of eight months to train and prepare to eventually face McGregor in his own backyard. To help him with training, Mayweather has partnered with Tyron Woodley, a UFC welterweight champion.

The fight between Mayweather and McGregor was an easy win for the seasoned fighter. It was one that saw Mayweather retire with an unbeaten record and one of the all-time greats in the sport of boxing. The pay-per-view earnings saw Floyd earning the incredible sum of $300 million ad McGregor taking home close to $100 million.

Time to consider a Rematch

Yet it was not long before both fighters started to think about a rematch. Mayweather said he is more than willing to enter into McGregor’s turf and change styles. Commenting, Floyd said, I can wrestle, my game is not that bad. He added that on a ten scale, he ranks himself a seven and feels he can get that up to a nine over time. He also commented saying that his hand game is 100%, but kicking is an area that will need much improvement.

The proposed fight could be a real boost to the UFC, who have struggled to capture the mainstream market when McGregor, clearly its biggest star, is absent for any period of time. McGregor took the MMA world by storm after facing Jose Aldo, the reigning featherweight champion, in December 2015 and knocking him out in thirteen seconds. Yet McGregor has not been active in the UFC since November of 2016 preferring to switch his attention to his fight against Mayweather and taking a break from the combat sports arena.

Whether an eventual fight will happen is yet to be announced, but one thing is certain, both fighters stand to make a ton of money by agreeing to enter the cage and battle it out. For McGregor, it is his home turf, for Mayweather, he will be entering a space he has yet to dominate or fight in before, and it could mean a level of disgrace for the esteemed fighter.