Fighters React to UFC Roster Eliminations

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Fighters React to UFC Roster Eliminations

The Ultimate Fighting Championship confirmed last week they’d begin introducing roster reductions. It follows after financial growth for the UFC reached a stalemate, with Covid-19s Pandemic limiting the number of viewers behind each Pay-Per-View. Large percentages of UFCs roster doesn’t regularly fight, leaving management to question those fighter’s viability for 2021. UFC President Dana White was first to confirm reductions are coming, making the formal announcement at “UFC on ESPN 19”.

Multiple fighters have strategized they’ll likely be retained for next year, with others concerned that their contracts are jeopardized after Dana White’s announcement. Official statements emphasized by UFCs President noted that 60+ fighters are being eliminated from the roster before February 1st. Several weeks from the report will see prominent & forgotten names removed from roster contention.

UFC fighters likely have begun worrying & thinking about the possibility of their contracts being eliminated. Competitors like Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, Gilbert Burns, Jon Jones, and Kamaru Usman have confidence they’ll sustain their UFC contracts into 2021. Other fighters aren’t likely maintaining that same confidence because their namesakes aren’t famous amongst viewers.

Speculation for the Future

Regardless, UFC Supporters have questioned who President Dana White is eliminating from the roster. Social media speculation indicates that prominent namesakes like Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone could lose his contract. Losing fighters of this degree could prompt lower viewership for the UFC in future PPVs. Dana White likely is treading a thin line between who’ll be eliminated & who will continue onwards.

Yoel Romero is the exclusive individual that’s been announced for UFCs roster purging. His namesake was famous for years, with Romero sustaining several seasons in the UFC. Recently his performance has dropped significantly, as most fighters become slower & weaker after passing forty. UFCs President will likely eliminate ageing fighters, with Dana White mentioning the las two months that older competitors aren’t meant for octagon contention.

UFC President Dana White is pre-emptively accounting for 2022 & beyond, knowing the next generation of fighters are arriving shortly. Older fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov have opened training facilities & begun to train younger athletes for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.