Edmen Shahbazyan Aiming for Championship Status

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Edmen Shahbazyan Aiming for Championship Status

Most that join the Ultimate Fighting Championship set themselves high goals, with most finding themselves unable to obtain those feats. Few have reached notable success as champions, with the likes of Jon Jones & Anderson Silva being two of the UFCs youngest winners that would ultimately maintain their championship status for numerous fights to come. Another competitor plans to steal the title of “Youngest UFC Champion”, which is presently held by Jon Jones.

This man is Edmen Shahbazyan, aged twenty-two. He’s quickly rising in the UFC Rankings with a 4-0 winning streak. When accounting for Edmen’s full MMA career, he maintains an 11-0. Discussions regarding the future of Shahbazyan have increased before his upcoming fight with Derek Brunson at UFCs Las Vegas Apex Arena. This newcomer will compete against an MMA veteran, with most bookmakers suggesting Derek Brunson will be victorious. Edmen Shahbazyan won’t allow sportsbooks & analysts to be correct, clarifying that he’ll defeat Brunson & move forward to become the youngest UFC Champion in history. Edmen hopes to accomplish this goal before July 2021.

Media personnel have interviewed Edmen Shahbazyan via videoconferences, requesting information on his future in the UFC. He’d emphasize that he has twenty months to dominate over the record obtained by Jon Jones. This is ample time for Shahbazyan to accomplish his goals of becoming a champion, which requires a minimum of three more victories for Edmen. Reviewing his short time with the UFC shows that Edmen Shahbazyan can outperform veterans & other newcomers, maybe giving some truth behind his statements.

The History of Edmen Shahbazyan

Dedicated UFC supporters would’ve seen Edmen Shahbazyan previously. He’d assisted Ronda Rousey, working alongside her as a sparring partner. That was several years ago in 2013 for Edmen Shahbazyan, meaning he’s eagerly awaited an opportunity to compete against formidable opponents. Sustaining 10+ years of training under the UFC division had adequately prepared him beyond personal & supporter expectations. There’s an opportunity that under the right conditions, Edmen Shahbazyan could find himself obtaining the UFCs Middleweight Championship Belt.

Edmen Shahbazyan emphasized that though he’s focused on becoming a champion, the primary goal for this month is dominating over Derek Brunson.