Easter Shows His Confidence Against Mikey Garcia as He Calls the Latter an “Easy Win”

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Easter Shows His Confidence Against Mikey Garcia as He Calls the Latter an “Easy Win”

In boxing, there are a countless number of elements that are incorporated. For starters, there are winners, and then even above the winners are champions. The champions are known for an array of reasons, mainly for having incredible skill sets due to excessive training, having more strength, and the biggest hearts and willpower to help them get through any challenges they may face in the ring.

Though each fighter may have some added ideals on this idea, such as Robert Easter Jr., who believes that something else will be needed when he has his highly anticipated match on July 28th. That something else? Easter says it is being focused. Easter is a 27-year-old Ohio based fighter who believes that his lightweight match against Mikey Garcia will have other factors in play which will determine who will be coming out on top. Other than his own strength, determination, courage, or even skill – instead, Easter is leaning heavily on having single-mindedness more than ever before in this upcoming match.

During his most recent interview, Easter expressed his delight as training and camp for the upcoming match was going tremendously. Which is great news considering that Garcia is a fan favourite and has been for a while. While the physical aspect is going without a hitch. Easter emphasised that he is trying to sharpen his mental state- especially his focus. Which in his words, has been going great as he is not distracted by the extra activities going on in the world while he’s in camp. Training is part of the focus, but it is also something that online boxing betting sites use to determine a boxers value and set odds.

Toledo is the Hometown of Garcia

While Garcia, a native of Toledo, will be fighting against Easter who has out his IBF title on the line. This fight will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and has the grace of being the main event during the showdown event, which will be aired at 10 pm. This is a break from Easter’s typical hometown routine as he travelled over 1,00 miles south to visit a gym which has grown in prominence. He is known mainly for being the brainchild of the high-profile trainer that many big names, such as David Diaz and Sakio Bika, have trained with, Kevin Cunningham – who was originally based in St. Louis before packing up and creating a nest in Florida.

22 months ago, Easter received his first championship win after winning an attention-grabbing selection against Richard Commey. After his initial win, he defended his title with three other scorecard victories, which includes a few unanimous nods over popular fighters, such as Luis Cruz and Javier Fortuna. While Garcia has him beat as he has 38-0 score, while Easter only has 21-0 with a recorded number of 14 K.O’s in the ring. In addition to that, Easter has a height advantage over his opponent as he is standing a solid five inches over Garcia’s 5’6 frame.

Going back to Easter’s original statement that focus will be the greatest determination of who will win – he has admitted that back at home he would’ve gotten distracted while training. Especially regarding that, he would focus on things that he shouldn’t, which is why he made the journey down south to visit the profession trainer and gym to go through a camp where he would be completely focused and dedicated to getting better. Before ending his sentiment, Easter explained how coach Kev broke down the science with winning a big fight such as his upcoming one – by being in a focused state of mind.