Derrick Lewis Facing Severe Medical Condition

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Derrick Lewis Facing Severe Medical Condition

Shocking news regarding one of the fighters at UFC 247 has been unveiled. Derrick Lewis confirmed that he’s been battling a severe health issue, which was relevant during his fight against Ilir Latifi. Supporters of the “The Black Beast” went to social media to provide their praise towards Derrick Lewis, expressing that his strength is formidable. Having the capability to fight when facing a severe medical issue, only to then win the respective battle is impressive. The last two victorious fights for Derick Lewis, which were back-to-back, saw him facing this unnamed condition.

Reporters interviewed Derrick Lewis after he confirmed the illness via Twitter, asking if he’ll remain a headline fighter going forward. The Black Beast mentioned that he wouldn’t be retiring from the Ultimate Fighting Championship but will undergo multiple visitations with professional doctors. This will ensure that training won’t be depleted for Lewis, with the UFC demanding that those visitations be kept private for security concerns. This confirmation interview noted that medical professionals with the UFC have learned what the condition is and what must be done to solve the particular issue. Unfortunately, it’s a life-or-death medical issue that is severely challenging to overcome. If doctors are unable to provide recovery for Derick Lewis, he will die in a few short years.

The Black Beast mentioned that multiple athletes have suffered and passed away from this condition, which leads sporting analysts to believe that Lewis has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This disease can formulate regardless of your health and can kill an athlete within a short period. Derrick Lewis fighting shouldn’t be advised by any of the UFC doctors, showing a blatant lack of respect for athletes in the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Dana White has often been questioned on why fighters are brought to near-death for money. Individuals that support Derick Lewis have begun to send their wishes and blessings for his recovery. Losing the Black Beast would be one of the most upsetting and notable deaths in fighting for the last two decades.

Another Incident for Another Fighter

Derrick Lewis wasn’t the only individual that required medical assistance this week. BJ Penn was confirmed to be in a substantial automotive accident last week in Hawaii, which prompted his vehicle to roll over multiple times before coming to a halt. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, he was immediately transported via helicopter to the Hilo Medical Centre. Law enforcement believes that alcohol was relevant to his accident, with blood tests being administered at the medical facility. This could mark the second DUI for BJ Penn, which would place him immediately into jail.