Death in the Ring

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Death in the Ring

Becoming a contender in any of the martial arts can be detrimental to the combatant’s health – even fatal. This is about fatalities in the boxing ring. Maxim Dadashev died four days after his fight with Sabriel Matias, on the July 23rd 2019. Maxim fought in the light welterweight division. He had a winning record without a defeat in his three-year professional career, with 13 wins, 11 knockouts.

Although his trainer, Buddy McGirt, realized in the ninth bout that Dadashev was struggling, he only stopped the fight in the eleventh bout. In the way back to the change rooms, Maxim vomited and collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he died four days later. Maxim left a wife and a two-year-old son.

Hugo Santillan

A few days after the boxing death of Maxim Dadashev, Hugo Santillan suffered the same fate. He died after a fight Eduardo Abreu, of Uruguayan. Santillan collapsed after the battle, which was drawn. He was admitted to hospital with kidney failure. The swelling on the brain affected other organs, and while being operated on for a blood clot in his head, he went into cardiac failure and died. He was 23 years old.

Patrick Day

On Saturday 12th October 2019, Patrick Day suffered brain damage after being knocked out. His opponent, Charles Conwell, landed a flurry of blows to Day’s head in the 10th round after Day was down for a few minutes. Day, who fought in the welterweight division as a professional, was in the top 10 ranked by the WBC and the IBF. He won two championships, the WBC Continental Americas in 2017 and the IBF International in 2019. Conwell expressed his remorse in a message to Day on the Sunday after the fight.

Leavander Johnson

Like a lightweight boxer, Leavander had 34 wins under his belt with five losses and two draws. On September 17th 2005, Johnson took on Jesus Chavez to defend his IBF crown. The fight came to an end after Chavez landed a series of blows to Johnson’s head. Johnson collapsed, and he was rushed to the hospital, but after Surgery, he passed away, five days later. Johnson started his professional career in 1989. He was undefeated after 22 matches, and against Sharma Mitchell, who he defeated in the eighth round, which opened the door to a title fight in 1994 against Miguel Gonzalez for the WBC lightweight crown. The conflict reached the eighth round when it was stopped – Johnson’s first professional loss.

His second attempt at a world title shot, was against Orzubek Nazarov, for the WBA World Title. He was stopped in the seventh round – his second title loss. After no title fights for seven years, in a battle against Javier Jauregui for a vacant title in 2003, he lost again. In the next year and a half, he fought Zoff for the IBF crown and won. Two years later, he fought Jesus Chavez to defend his title with disastrous results.