Dave Schmulenson Calls Out Ariel Helwani

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Dave Schmulenson Calls Out Ariel Helwani

The President of the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship confirmed that Dave Schmulenson has called out Ariel Helwani to a grappling contest. Dana White could hardly control his laughter when announcing that these two have started online arguments. Most aren’t aware of Dave “The Schmo” Schmulenson, who is quickly becoming a celebrity in the MMA Community. His audience primarily relates to younger viewers of the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship, with Dave Schmulenson having interviewed several UFC Fighters. The Schmo Podcast was permitted an interview with Dana White recently, with the UFC President not deterred by the odd behaviour of Dave Schmulenson’s.

Dave “The Schmo” Schmulenson called out Ariel Helwani because of his controversial statements made over social media. The actions shown by Ariel Helwani over recent years prompted Dana White to ban this media figure from all UFC Events. It inspired Helwani to start online arguments with multiple fighters in the MMA community, who are contracted under Dana White. It’s gotten Ariel Helwani nowhere back into UFC Events & caused more rifts in the community, with Dave “The Schmo” Schmulenson wanting to stop the banned media reporter from ever returning to the MMA World.

Dana White confirmed that Dave Schmulenson was issuing a grappling match against Ariel Helwani, which genuine UFC Supporters know is considerably more tiring & challenging than standard MMA fighting. It’s an area of combat sports that Ariel Helwani has infamously questioned & remarked as weak. The Schmo wants to prove that this media representative is talking smack that cannot be backed by physical efforts. Accepting this grappling match must be accomplished in the 165 to 185 Weight Divisions, with the winner being awarded $25,000.00 towards their desired charity. Refusing to accept under these conditions will make Ariel Helwani look foolish & weak to what supports he still has in the MMA Community.

Laughing It Off

The hysterical nature of Dana White when confirming this announce is enough to make anyone laugh. He noted that calling out Ariel Helwani is like trying to fight a little girl, making light of the weakness associated with this media representative. It’s not known if Dana White will allow this grappling match to be hosted at “UFCs Fight Island” or under any venue with this competition. By his reaction, it’s unlikely.