Dana White Turns Back on Jon Jones

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Dana White Turns Back on Jon Jones

Nobody anticipated that Dana White would turn against his fighters. That’s been the conventional approach of UFCs President since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the United States. It prompted numerous cancellations of UFC Events, with multiple fighters refusing to compete for their safety. Dana White responded by releasing those contestants from their contracts, with those fighters mostly having a minimal presence in the UFC. Now Dana White is implementing similar tactics towards his most notable contenders, including Jon Jones.

The statistically best fighter in the UFC Light Heavyweight Division has requested Dana White release him from his contract. It followed after negotiations for a bout against Francis Ngannou didn’t reach an agreement. Reporters questioned Dana White on why this match-up was declined, with the UFC President noting that Jon Jones requested an obscene payment. The Light Heavyweight Champion denied these claims from Dana White, stating the President was lying to avoid additional backlash against his recent actions. The remarks follow more in line with White’s past behaviour.

When Dana White verbally attacked Jon Jones in the press, it prompted the champion to make a series of remarks through Twitter. The 1st sentiments from Jones stated that if Dana White is going to continue lying, that Jon will defend himself & contact his lawyer, Hunter Campbell. Jones threatened to release text messages that would show White was lying & trying to destroy the reputation of the UFCs most notable fighter.

Jones most likely didn’t request a massive payday, with him being similar to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. These men care more about the competition than anything else. However, Jon Jones should receive payments identical to other leading fighters in the UFC. This includes Deontay Wilder, Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Considering that Jones is statistically the greatest fighter in UFC history, it’s shocking that Dana White wouldn’t already offer a massive payday to Jon Jones.

Fighting analysts speculate that under the recent behaviour of Dana White, He’ll meet the requests of Jon Jones & cancel his contract. It’s thought that this would be the final deterrent that angered his remaining fighters. McGregor, Wilder, and Nurmagomedov would become concerned about their contract safety if Jones can enter the lousy side of Dana White by requesting to much cash, who else will be attacked internally.