Dana White Tightening UFC Roster

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Dana White Tightening UFC Roster

The 4th Quarter in 2020 will look drastically different for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Dana White has announced that four fighters employed with the UFC for a prolonged period have lost their contracts. These individuals were formally ranked in the top ten, with their designing surprising the MMA community. Two notable athletes losing their UFC contract includes Mara Romero Borella & Iuri Alcantara.

Iuri Alcantara is an older fighter in the UFC roster, with his first appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship arriving after 2015. Alcantara is known amongst millions of MMA enthusiasts, with the Bantamweight Champion Contender previously compete in “World Extreme Cage Fighting”. Record statistics for Iuri Alcantara list him at 35 Victories, and Ten Losses. His last nine fights were in the UFC, with 4 Victories & 5 Losses.

Mara Romero Borella is another member on the roster that’s growing in age, with the female fighter aged 34. She started her career in the “Invicta Fighting Championship”, where her prowess & skillsets saw prominent popularity throughout the IFC. Her highest ranking in the IFC Flyweight Division was #9, which never could become replicated during her period at the UFC. Two submissions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship saw Mara Romero Borella lose her contract.

Jeff Hughes & Khadis Ibragimov are two other fighters that’ve been terminated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Hughes made his UFC debut on the Contender Series, where he’d become victorious & be permitted four opportunities in the Octagon. Jeff Hughes lost all official fights. Similar results were seen for Khadis Ibragimov, with Dana White demanding consistency over anything else.

The Kevin Croom Scenario

Mara Romero Borella, Iuri Alcantara, Jeff Hughes, and Khasis Ibragimov all maintained a lengthy persona with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. That wasn’t the case for another fighter recently terminated. Kevin Croom from Bellator was employed by the UFC for 24 hours, with CEO Dana White releasing him after determining his skillsets won’t be required. This is considered the embodiment of what Dana White has become, a man who refuses to honour his workforce & pay them adeptly for their time.