Dana White Refuses Masvidal a Fight

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Dana White Refuses Masvidal a Fight

The UFC President has shocked supporters with his actions throughout the last six months. Dana White has altered his core principles of business since COVID-19 became a reality of our lives, first infecting China & then becoming an international pandemic. This forced all venues with the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship to be postponed, creating a volatile & aggressive version of Dan White. Harmful offences from the UFC President first began against the Media, branding them with ignorant terms & demanding they never attend his press conferences again. Anger from Dana White then began reflecting towards fighters on the UFC Roster. Opponents like Jon Jones, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson, and Conor McGregor have had personal feuds with Dana White since COVID-19 broke out.

Now another feud is coming to light, with Jorge Masvidal confirming that Dana White refuses to book him for another fight. This follows after Jorge defeated Nate Diaz in November 2019 at UFC 244, acquiring the Bad Mother*** title. Obtaining this notable title should’ve immediately allowed Jorge Masvidal to recompete. However, Nate Diaz & Dana White are close friends. Dana White is known for picking favourites & it’s not surprising that the UFC President would force Masvidal to wait a prolonged period for vengeance. Additional fights conquered by Jorge in 2019 included Ben Askren and Darren Till.

Rumoured Fight

Jorge Masvidal was initially rumoured to be competing against Kamaru Usman, the Welterweight Champion. Negotiations regarding that fight didn’t follow through after White informed Masvidal that he’d have a re-match with Nate Diaz. This follows in-line with the vengeful acts displayed by the UFC President since January 2020. When questioned on his thoughts towards the delayed contract negotiations, Jorge Masvidal didn’t issue positive sentiments towards Dana White. He noted that the complications surrounding his return are complete Fery.

Cancelled Contracts

Most have forgotten already that Dana White cancelled the contracts of multiple fighters. This followed after the UFC President confirmed all employed competitors would be contracted to Fight Island. Various opponents remarked this disapproval towards this decision, with thousands dying worldwide from the coronavirus. Those individuals were relieved of their contracts with the Ultimate Fighters Championship. It showed that Dana White would terminate those that don’t agree with his mindset.