Dana White Purchasing Island for UFC Fights

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Dana White Purchasing Island for UFC Fights

The Ultimate Fighter’s Championship has implemented every strategy possible to hold their 249th PPV Event. Their plans extended towards Dana White purchasing a private island, which would’ve allowed them to hold closed promotions. Fighters would’ve been flown to this island through Dana Whites private charters. Alterations in these strategies were enforced after multiple politicians, and large-scale CEO’s stepped in. This included governors throughout America, the Disney Corporation and ESPN. Following the involvement of these parties, UFC 249 has been terminated.

Dana White was priorly recorded by mentioning he was two days away from purchasing a private island. He expressed that infrastructure was already being manufactured and connections with international airports were booked. The problem under his outdated strategy was that international travelling in America is entirely cancelled. This means notable fighters like Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje and Donald Cerrone couldn’t attend these private venues. Dana White would contract fighters without recognizable names.

It should be mentioned that Dana White has continuously been defiant when tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic. It took him a prolonged period to allow employees to work from home. Implementing this measure was required after the American Government determined the UFC as Non-Essential. The defiant behaviour shown by Dana White saw its day, with Khabib Nurmagomedov unable to compete in UFC 249 against Tony Ferguson. This meant that the unstoppable fight was immediately stopped by Russian travel restrictions Trying to be more reliable than plague is just another foolish action from Dana White.

Who Was & Wasn’t Involved?

Multiple individuals were confirmed to appear at UFC 249. This included Bruce Buffer, who hasn’t missed a single PPV for Dana White is numerous years. Its shocked fans of the legend, with Bruce Buffer being more than eighty years of age. Joe Rogan has called Bruce Buffer a foolish man for committing to this event, with Rogan already confirming that he wouldn’t attend as a host. It’ll mark one of the 1st instances that Joe Rogan hasn’t attended a UFC PPV in 10+ years. These are the sort of changes being made during COVID-19.