Dana White Close Friends with President Donald Trump

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Dana White Close Friends with President Donald Trump

UFC supporters were shocked to learn that Dana White has become good friends with President Donald Trump. When the UFC owner was questioned if he cares about what the fans think of this, Dana White responded in a manner that seems sufficient to a friend of such a narcissistic man. The overwhelming percentage of MMA fans don’t support the ignorant and overwhelmingly racist behaviour of President Trump.

Dana White then extended his comments of resentment with TMZ sports. He mentioned that it doesn’t matter to him what MMA Fans think about this relationship, that something personal like friendship shouldn’t be the defining decision behind their engagement with the UFC. Those that choose not to support Dana White anymore weren’t real fans, to begin with, & the UFC CEO doesn’t want them around anymore.

TMZ Sports then asked Dana White on his position with political campaigning. The UFC leader expressed that he wasn’t campaigning for Donald Trump but had just been invited to visit him during the Colorado event quickly. Dana didn’t have any intentions of speaking to the crowd but felt intrigued at the thought of rallying millions for his long-time friend. The UFC chief executive officer has been friends with Donald Trump long before he ever became president, going back twenty years when the Ultimate Fighters Championship was barely a reality. Dana White has often expressed how Trump assisted with the early growth and development of this fighting competition.

The Backlash

Fighting analysts anticipate that the UFC will see an immediate decline of 35% in viewership numbers following Dana’s statements. America has become a political warfare zone, with citizens either standing on the far-left or the far-right. There isn’t any in-between for the United States of America, with those supporting the benefit of humanity often going against anybody that supports Donald Trump.

Political analysts have often claimed that the current political environment with America is reminiscent of the 1st civil war. Historically the country hasn’t experienced this level of racism since that period. It’s leading some to wonder if a political revolution will unfold in America’s, with Donald Trump proving there won’t be by not being impeached. For those supporting Liberal movements, everything is almost lost.