Dana White Breaks UFC Protocols

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Dana White Breaks UFC Protocols

May 9th will mark a significant date for the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship, with multiple bouts being announced for an upcoming Pay-Per-View. One of these matches includes Justin Gaethje, who’ll be competing against Tony Ferguson. Justin wasn’t aware of the May 9th fight until it was announced publicly to supporters. This is a direct breach of UFC Protocols, which has upset Gaethje. Dana White didn’t provide the fighter with a choice, which is inappropriate when considering these men can lose their lives in the octagon. The UFC President didn’t believe it an issue, with Justin Gaethje previously being slated to compete against Tony Ferguson on April 18th. This would’ve been for UFC 249, which was ultimately cancelled because of the novel coronavirus prompting social distancing measured in America.

Justin Gaethje provided his insight regarding the unexpected announcement, speaking with ESPN reporters via videoconference. Justin mentioned that his immediate reaction was “What the Hell?”, which the UFC fighter being upset that Dana White didn’t follow standard protocols. Gaethje clarified that he understands the particular predicaments with the situation, which is why he’ll happily oblige with the May 9th fight. Justin Gaethje prefers to have a prolonged training camp, which won’t be possible this time around. He’ll be provided two weeks to hone MMA skillsets before competing against Ferguson.

Gaethje is determined to become the UFC Champion, which follows after winning three fights back-to-back. Formidable skillsets prompted him the opportunity to compete against Ferguson after Khabib Nurmagomedov backed down. This American fighter expressed that when competing for the world championship, you fight whenever and wherever the boss tells you. It should be mentioned that the three most recent bouts from Justin Gaethje saw him knockdown his opponents in the first round, getting knockouts each time.

Khabib Backs Down

The UFC Champion was forced to cancel his appearance at UFC 249. This forced decision followed after Khabib Nurmagomedov made multiple mistakes while travelling before the pandemic broke-out worldwide. He moved between America, Dubai, and Russia within two weeks. Vladimir Putin then announced that travel restrictions would be imposed for a prolonged period. Because of these restrictions, Khabib cannot compete. There’s the potential he’ll be stripped of his title for these mistakes.