Conor McGregor’s Zig Kinetica from Reebok

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Conor McGregor’s Zig Kinetica from Reebok

The Reebok Corporation is continuing to fight back against Nike and Adidas for popularity. It was announced today that Reebok would release the Zig Kinetica’s, a brand-new athletic sneaker that channels kinetic energy with every step made. It’s one of the most prominent announcements for the Reebok Corporation, as it was unveiled days before Conor McGregor returns to the Octagon. It also marks the 1st time that Reebok and McGregor have partnered since October 2018. The Rebook Corporation confirmed that a series of advertisements are slated to release with UFC 246. Considering that more than 10 million worldwide are anticipated to watch this fight, the potential profits for the Zig Kinetica by next week could be exponential.

The confirmation of this announcement begins the 3rd phase for Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, which has enabled them to become a pop-culture sensation amongst sneaker enthusiasts. This campaign is centred around individuals that reshape the culture of footwear and take risks that nobody else could. Considering that the footwear industry earns more than $25 billion yearly, it’s not surprising that Reebok would want a more significant market share percentage.

Zig Kinetica Details

The first instance of the Reebok Corporation released its Zig-Footwear Technology was 2010. The Zig-Pulse silhouettes were considered a new standard of innovation amongst footwear designers. Its disruptive concept enabled for athlete’s performance to skyrocket tenfold, with numerous individuals publicly supporting this product. Conor McGregor, one of the first to contest that the kinetic technologies implemented of this footwear weren’t a gimmick, but reality. Those that purchase any of the Zig-Footwear can anticipate a stylish design with highly functional capabilities, allowing for seamless transitions between the street and gym. It’s the perfect product for any athlete in a hurry.

Below are three of the most notable features that are provided with the Zig Kinetica’s – Conor McGregor Edition.

  • Float Ride Fuel: This is a specialized foam feature, allowing for the energy gained in the foam to be transferred outward for everyday needs.
  • The Zig Energy Shield: The return of kinetic energy can be challenging on internal systems, with this shield acting as a barrier for aesthetics. Subsequently, kinetic energy can be used without any risk to the athlete.
  • The Zig Energy Bands: The final element that crafts this unique footwear technology are the bands, which expand outside the sole and contract against a rubber band. By collecting kinetic energy, this gives a spring-like response with any movement. It’s perfect for MMA fighters or Basketball players.