Conor McGregor – What Will Make Him Reconsider Retirement

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Conor McGregor – What Will Make Him Reconsider Retirement

It’s been a matter in UFC that’s been on everyone’s mind when it comes to Conor McGregor. Will be Notorious be retiring or will we once again get to see him take part in the octagon to make his way to the top.

It’s been almost a year since we saw McGregor fight in UFC. The last event took place in October 2018 when he lost his title against Khabib after losing in the 4th round by tapping out. He got suspended for six months after some post-fight brawl, which has been the main reason for him not taking part in any fights.

About halfway through the suspension, we announced that he is done with UFC and will be retiring. The famous fighter announced the retirement on Twitter, sending shock waves through to the fighting world. Many were looking forward to seeing him work his way up again and get to the rematch against Khabib he always wanted.

Since the retirement, we’ve seen McGregor take the steps that make it look like his retirement isn’t entirely legit. Firstly, he shows interest in many fights and has almost taken part in a co-main event. Also, he hasn’t told UFC boss, Dana White about the retirement, which is the biggest clue we have that he would be returning.

At the same time, Conor hasn’t officially announced that he would be returning either. He has been talking to Dana White about possibilities of coming back and welcoming himself back into UFC with an event. However, up to now, no activities have been set, which is rather strange considering his suspension is just about over, and he is free to return.

What He Wants

As some of you might know, Conor is the most significant pay per view fighter in UFC history. He has contributed amazingly to the sport and got many more people involved and interested in the competition. For his contributions, he wants shares in the UFC and has said that he won’t return before he gets it.

This is where retirement started in the first place. Conor was selected for a co-main event but refused. He says he will only take place if he can get shares, but Dana White refused, stating that there is another way to make Conor happy. Not long after being refused shares, the retirement post came through, and he hasn’t changed it up to now.

As sad as it would be to see Conor leave to sport for good, it does make sense. The fighter has been the shining star of the UFC and certainly the most entertaining. The lightweight class just hasn’t been the same without him, and we all want to see Conor against Tony Ferguson, Donald Cerrone and even the current interim titleholder Dustin Poirier. At the same time, it’s understandable that he might not come back unless they give him what he wants, in which case the UFC has a lot to lose.