Conor McGregor Signs Poirier Contract

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Conor McGregor Signs Poirier Contract

Several weeks have passed since the UFC announced Conor McGregor & Dustin Poirier would sustain a rematch. That announcement was pre-emptive, with UFC President Dana White confirming McGregor hadn’t signed the contract. It led towards speculation that Conor’s third retirement would genuinely be his last. However, an announcement was made on November 25th that Conor McGregor has signed his contract to compete against Dustin Poirier.

UFC Analysts are surprised that Dana White & Conor McGregor could sustain a contractual agreement. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced UFCs President to decrease contract salaries for fighters, which created significant issues throughout the top roster. Fighters like Conor McGregor & Jorge Masvidal announced they’d retire from the octagon. Both men have returned since those false claims, seemingly working towards higher salaries through aggressive negotiations. UFC President Dana White wouldn’t fold his cards & continued to offer lower wages.

Dana White hadn’t concerned himself with Conor McGregor after “Notorious” announced his third retirement. It wouldn’t be until McGregor announced that Dustin Poirier & himself would compete in an MMA battle for charity, Dana White would change his mindset. Both men were offered the opportunity to compete professionally in the octagon. This led towards several weeks of negotiations with Conor McGregor. Details regarding how much “Notorious” has been paid for UFC 255 hasn’t been announced. It’ll likely be $10 Million or higher.

The Second Irishman

Conor McGregor could find himself the unfavoured talent for Ireland by 2021. UFC President Dana White announced that Ireland’s Dean Barry had been contracted for roster employment. It’s unknown when the MMA Irish Fighter could make his debut appearance in the UFC octagon. However, analysts anticipate a steady rise for Dean Barry. This Irish Kickboxer is a multiple-time champion in Ireland & the European Union.

International appearances from Dean Barry have also been sustained in the United States & Middle East. It’s his prominent rise throughout 2020 that gained Dana White’s interest. Dean Barry does enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship older than most at 28. Don’t expect him not to perform though, with previous victories from Dean Barry including Thomas Thatcher at his debut MMA performance in 2017. Barry has won three of his four fights.